Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What the . . . ?

There is just WAY too much to read here! Have I been gone that long or did Lisa invite the entire Masquers alumni to blog? And who is the guy who works for Montgomery County planning? Did I know him? He'll probably meet my wife soon if he hasn't already. It is nice to see some new/old faces again.
OK- so here's my tale of WHOA! We have a buyer for our house. They did an inspection even though we had an inspector come through in October and we fixed what he told us to fix. The buyer's inspector said we had carpenter bees in the deck, a high radon level and a failed septic system that needs to be replaced. We got a real insect guy out to certify that the bees were not active and I plugged up the holes. The guy who put in the radon mitigation system when we moved in three years ago has come three times to fix the problem and will be back AGAIN!!! on April 7 to try one more time. The perc test to find a suitable spot for a new drain field for the septic system failed and will be re-done on April 1&2. If that one fails we need to put in a $25K sand-mound system instead of the regular ($8000) drain field. All this while we've been driving all over Phoenixville to see 25 houses that we don't want to buy but they looked OK on
Yeah- we've been a bit busy lately.
OK- enough of the bitching!

So- does anyone else remember the party at Catherine and Michelle's when we found the load of dirty dishes in the shower? For some odd reason that memory jumped out of my brain recently and was a bright spot in my day. I've had many days when I wished I could do the same thing.
If I ever get moved and settled, I promise to dig through the pictures and scan some in to share.

Happy Springtime to all! Stay healthy.


CatherineCZ said...

Hahahahahahaa! I still laugh about that. We thought we were so sneaky.
Good luck on the sale of your house. Too bad I can't send you the guy who inspected our house, aka Mr. Magoo. He would find everything fine & dandy at your place.

Kimberly said...

Galen, It is so good to hear from you, but I am sorry to hear about all of the struggles. Selling a house is never fun and especially not now. I hope it gets better soon!

By the way, Lisa did invite all Masquer alumni (sort of). She put a note in the Ship Alumni magazine and that is how we all found you. We are all very grateful that she did!

Son of J said...


Just received an e-mail from your wife. It's a cliché, but it is a small world. I do a lot of work with her organization (Lara could write some articles on the work we do). While you look familiar in some of the pictures, I am not sure I knew you very well, however, I imagine we passed each other on campus a few times and maybe met once or twice. I was mainly active in Masquers in '85-87, although I was at Ship through 1991 (grad school included). Your wife suggested we get together (wives and kids included). I am all for that and we live very close to where you are looking for a house and are very active in Forge Theatre in Phoenixville ( Good luck with the house selling, the septic system sounds like a hugh hassle.

Lara said...

Ok, Galen, you are doing nothing to help my anxiety about our getting into a new house, which will hopefully be happening soon. Maybe we will need to have a few beers over this. Maybe a few beers over an environmental summit in your kitchen even. Good luck with everything! Let us know how it turns out.

BING! said...

Every once in a while I have to call Lorraine at the Montco Planners office.