Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Today, Fed Chairman Ben Bernacki announced a mysterious dip in job productivity. The financial industry is at a loss to explain what could be causing such a high rate of worker distraction. Clearly, Ben was not a Masquer, otherwise he'd have been on the blog reading and commenting all day, too. Do you people not have supervisors who watch what you are doing? You can't all work from home. And who is feeding Lara & John's kids if they are BOTH blogging?
I am really tickled at the Blog explosion the past few days. It's like I have a hobby or something. Next week I think I will take over the world. I love that eventually the guilt builds up and the Non-Posters (Slackers) get typing. It worked on Ellen. Alan, glad you're making the scene (stole that line from Chris). Email me and I'll hook you on officially so you can post all the other pics you've got up on your shelves.

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Here is Trixie Junior's first Brain Sprout--
yes she is drooling, just like her Mommy.


Constance said...

Are you kidding? Who could get any work done with that adorable drooler around?

alan said...

to blog at work:
1. keep the back of the monitor to the door
2. look busy

EllenInOz said...

My boss is 5 years old. He just yesterday discovered a new Lego computer game. If my boss is occupied, Mommy gets to blog. ~~~~~evil laughter~~~~~

Lynn S said...

Blogging at work has been easy so far, as long as I get my paperwork done all is well. ( I even used my bosses computer to scan that photo I posted yesterday :)

CatherineCZ said...

Lynn, you've obviously found the perfect job. :-)

BING! said...

It just goes to show that you're only young once, but you can be immature FOREVER.