Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hello Masquers! 
Michelle Kinney (Flanagan now) just saying hello! Thank you to Lisa Bebey (aka super wonder mom) for creating such a great blog! Looking at several of the pictures/stories/families made me laugh and cry. You are all such hearts of gold and its so nice to know that many of you are well. I rarely get a chance to email, much less blog, but I was feeling sentimental (that 20 year after college thing) and was thrilled to find that Lisa had created this page with all your contributions. 
I am currently very happily married 13 years now with two wonderful boys ages 6 and 8. My husband Sean and I are still in New Jersey (yes, good lord, we actually stayed here). I went back to graduate school and received a teaching degree, and was teaching here in NJ for about 9 years (Yes, English and Drama!!! Is anyone surprised that I used Doc's enunciation techniques all the time in class? :)) Anyway, I will be returning to teaching in September......blah blah- I hope that you all doing great. It looks it. What a fresh breath of summer air you all are. Well, maybe not Mykel Barbella, but the rest of you, for sure. 
Be well. 

Friday, May 22, 2009

A few words from Doc

I emailed Doc last year.  This is the reply I got.  I may have posted it already, but all the TV shows are on summer reruns, too.  So there.

Dear Lisa:
So nice to hear from you. Yes, I'm still at Ship, the longest serving faculty member here. Ergo, I get to carry the Mace each commencement. When anyone asks me when I will retire, with one eloquent gesture I reveal my physical, mental and emotional age ,as I scratch my head with my extended middle finger. I'm still having too much fun. In my profession, if you retire, you're dead. Perhaps you are not aware, there are other groups of Masquers who hold reunions. Chief among these are the annual gatherings in Columbia, Maryland, celebrating Sheri Cohen's extended remission from Hodgekin's Lymphoma. I do attend these. As for creativity, look me up in YouTube. Search for william20326 and you'll find lots there. My most successful muisc video is "Maria Maria", over 15000 hits so far. Unhappily I have yet to exceed Chris Crawford's tearful plea on behalf of Britney Spears or a notable Mindanao Island's prison population's dancing en masse to Michael Jackson's "Thriller". But we'll see. And then of course you will find many other comments about me in a web site called "Ship Underground". Ah, the minutes will pass by like hours. Believe it or not, they have temporarily moved me back to my old Masquers office in the rear of MA. This summer, however,  I'm back in Dauphin, third floor this time. Doug Bietsch is collecting data as experienced by old timers like you over the twenty or so years since he himself started with the club. He concludes that we certainly had an influence over quite a number of people. Doug would like to hear from all of you.
Dr. Kingsley

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Sentinel Online : News : Local : Shippensburg graduates urged to use their talents

Hello Masquers -

I was feeling sentimental & googled Doc. Here is a picture of him from this year leading the graduates. How does he look so much older? Didn't time stop when we all left Ship? I wish he would join our blog...or Facebook!

The Sentinel Online : News : Local : Shippensburg graduates urged to use their talents

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just Wondering

Chris & Jeff spent their honey moon at Dutch Wonderland.  Is anyone surprised? No, not really.  I remember my grandparents taking me as a kid. It is geared to smaller kids, no Rotor like Hershey Park.  But can any of us still ride those rides anymore without popping a case of drammamine first?

After a careful re-examination of Chris' original email thread, it seems more people do favor Dutch Wonderland--except for Scott and his lazy ass who wants us to come to Kennywood.
A Dutch Wonderland Stay puts us closer to Galen's house, which he has unbelievably offered to host some pre or post park festivities.  He doesn't know it yet, but we are showing up with our tent for the night.

I know, I know, who doesn't love chocolate?  But who among us doesn't also love a good dose of kitsch?  And it doesn't melt in your mouth, or hands.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

So Many Things To See And Do, Good Times To Be Had

Chris would be writing this blog post herself, except she's  busy with the house she and Jeff just bought Thursday, and with the poison ivy they got from rolling around in their new backyard.

A few days ago she started contacting people about a reunion this summer.  Nothing specific,  just putting out feelers to see if anyone is interested.  It seems quite a few people are.  
Are you?

Hershey Park is the current favorite, despite the popularity of Dutch Wonderland (which Bob was disappointed to learn was still open, he was all excited about visiting an abandoned amusement park), and Euro Disney.

I think early August is a good time to try to get together.  Anyone have any thoughts?