Monday, March 10, 2008

furniture and being grown up

Lisa's comment to my post got me thinking.
she wrote:
The most grown up I ever felt was when David & I bought our couch, never mind the buying a house or having a kid. Somehow not having a couch we picked up off the curb or handed down from a dead great aunt became equivalent to adulthood.

I feel that way too. Cheryl and I bought a couch about three years ago. And it's so odd because we already owned a house. But that was the first piece of furniture that made me feel grown up.
It wasn't mine from when I was a little girl or handed down from my grandmother or bought second hand. We went to the furniture store and picked it out and picked out the rose print and ordered it. That was so weird and I felt too young and insecure to be buying a couch.

So my question is this: What was your first piece of grown up furniture?


chrom said...

I bought a queen size bed and box spring with an iron headboard and footboard and I remember it was $999 which at the time I thought was a huge sum of money-- but man, that bed has served me well. Looking at it now (its 10 years old-- the ironwork is kinda phallic- perhaps that's what attracted me to it)-- at least it's appropriate to the piece of furniture. I wouldn't want a phallic kitchen table.

EllenInOz said...

Mine was a mattress & box spring as well. A new set, in the plastic, certainly meant I had arrived at adulthood. It didn't require a can of Lysol to bring it back to passable, nor did I need to use a piece of plywood in between the layers to combat old mattress sag. Ahhh, living the high life.

Lynn S said...

Good question Leslie. I think for me it would be a big leather office chair that I bought to use at my computer desk at home. I think that was about 7 years ago when I bought it. Although I did feel kinda silly in the store parking lot trying to cram it into the back seat of my toyota :)

Alan said...

We recently bought a couch and end tables – our first big purchase in the new house. We were looking for a long time but never could find the one we liked. We finally coincided to buy a sectional (with cushions that could be flipped – this is very important in Sheri’s world) in a deep red - my choice color. Well, let me tell ya- it looked a lot smaller in the store! We call it the Red Beast. It is very comfortable.

CatherineCZ said...

Our bed definitely. But also a really cool teak armoire we bought for our 5th (wood) anniversary - the first of our collection of Indian & Asian pieces. It was so not our parents' taste & the first thing that reflected our own personal style.

Leslie said...

Thanks everyone for sharing your furniture stories.