Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sledding in PA

In December I went sledding with Katherine (Lisa Jeanne's eldest who is a freshman at Desales) Harrison, Luther and Reggie.
Looks like fun. Now can summer please be here?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Roommates Reunion

Today Joe Mitchell and I got together for Brunch. Unlike some of you, Joe and I, both, had lost touch with all of our college friends. Thanks to Facebook, we found that we both lived in the Atlanta area. This was our first time seeing each other again, after what... 17 or 18 years! We met in Marrietta Square, half way between his Downtown address and my northern suburb of Acworth. The best part was hearing him say "Kimmie!" (I don't allow people to call me that any more - but it sounded wonderful from Joe.) This was the best because although he looked older (and I am sure I did too) he sounded the same and I was instantly transported back to my Junior year and our house on Orange street.

We talked (fondly) about Lynn and Edward, Jeff and Lynn Bayes and Doreen. We both missed they all. We talked about the Blog and Facebook and how wonderful it has been to reconnect with all of our old friends. We also talked about our journeys over the past many years; mine from Harrisburg -> Tucson, AZ -> Atlanta, GA and his from PA -> San Francisco, CA -> Miami, FL -> Atlanta, GA and how we both started at the bottom of our companies and have worked our way up.

Unfortunately, Jerry Dorley couldn't make or it could have been a mini-Masquers Reunion. But it was great to see Joe and we are both hopeful that now that the gang is all together (at least virtually) we will some day have a full Masquers Reunion!

p.s. Happy Birthday Lynny!!!