Thursday, March 6, 2008

Obscured by time

This sudden rush of flashbacks is intoxicating.
In 1989 Doran made a film in which he cast Ray Cromer and me as two friends who make a suicide pact. But then they back out at the last second. Wish I remembered what it was called.
There was a semi-private screening in Dauphin Humanities Center, but beyond that ...
What the heck ever happened to that little gem of video? I haven't thought about it in forever, and I'd kinda like to see it again, especially because I can't remember who else was in it.
I remember shooting this one scene at the Myers homestead up Chambersburg way. Doran's old bedroom had been decorated entirely in ducks. It was so over the top! I also remember tasting my first glass of farm-fresh, raw, unhomogenized, unpasteurized milk that day. Organic farmers will tell you that's the way it oughta be. This stuff sticks in my mind so much because it was a rare glimpse into the inner sanctum of this mysterious hipster. And he didn't seem at all self-conscious about it, which made him ever cooler.
Oh wow! I also recall listening to Patsy Cline riding in Catherine's car on the way there. Or was it the way back? There was something about the melancholy in Patsy's voice and the early spring dusk on Route 11.
Little did I know I would end up living in Patsy's hometown of Winchester, Va. in the mid-90s.
Come to think of it, I was in Winchester the last time I talked to Doran. He sent me a bunch of L.A. music scene mags. "Strobe" the publication was called. He was also promoting the debut album of The Geraldine Fibbers, this female alternative rock band that had a fiddler. His timing was good because I had just created a new music show at Froggy 99, which was leaning away from top 40 and toward alternative rock.
Speaking of movies, although I haven't acted in anything in forever, I did make a memorable appearance as an extra in an indie film called "A Halfway House Christmas" in 2005. I'm in a bar scene sitting right next to the star of the picture, Robert Romanus, which you children of the '80s remember best as Damone from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," and I give this quizzical look as he puts a cigarette out in his beer. Film maker Eric Moyer was no dummy. He knew getting his film some local press would be a lock if he stroked the ego of the reporter. Bobcat Goldthwait did some narration in it as well. "Halfway House" still has a link at


CatherineCZ said...

It was called "Me for You" & I have a VHS copy somewhere. I promise to find it & copy it for you. I've been bugging Doran to post so I hope he does soon! (Rest assured, he's still a cool cat.)

BING! said...

Well, if this post doesn't grab his attention, nothing will. Maybe I'll find out what the "stir" was that he caused. Hehehe.

Kimberly said...

Bing, I completely understand. I have experienced the same trend of Flashbacks - I seem to be stuck in a bit of a time warp. I told Lynn, when we finally reconnected, that the blog is all I want to talk about, but my Friends and Family are only mildly interested. So I am forced to keep coming to the blog to feed my obsession and communicate with those that understand - Masquers!

BING! said...