Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm baaaack!

Hi all, my apologies for slipping away for a bit. I was having computer problems that all seem to be solved now. I have been watching and enjoying the blog though. Who are all these 'new' Masquers? You mean Ship didn't close down after I left? Who knew?! Hi to all. I loved all the exploits as the Ladies of Masquers descended on DC. I'm glad you guys had such a good time.

Me and mine have been busy since I last spoke with you all, so I'm going to do a quick rundown and try not to take up a whole page. So here goes...
Christmas: Vera throws her gang signs. We've got her pledged to the Crips, but she has her heart set on the Bloods. She's such a dissapointment!

Stuart and I went to see his friend Joy in Philly for New Years and the Mummer's Parade! And I thought gay pride parades were freaky!

We taught Vera how to ice skate. I can still remember her words fondly as I skated towards her..."GET AWAY SCOTT, YOU'RE TOO WOBBLY!!!" we gotta start beating that kid.

Stuart and I went to Lost River, WV for a weekend. We were there for an ice storm. It was beautiful, the trees were all covered in ice on friday night and then on saturday the sun was shining bright, making the trees shine.

We then hiked an hour and a half up the mountain to see an old cabin, the graves of 3 dead children from 1915(spooky) who used to live in the cabin and a beautfiul view of the mountains. We stayed for the sunset and then raced down the mountain before dark (we had to run, did I mention the 3 dead children.. sunset.. and i'm a scaredy pants?)

Okay, that's enough for now. I promise not to be away for so long again. I hope to see some of you this spring (YEA SPRING!!!!) and/or summer.


chrom said...

Beautiful pics (even the ones with you in it)!
All look happy.

Alan said...

Hi Scott Mc, Your run down the mountain reminds me of a hike I took near Ship (around the time the Shippensburg administration was considering closing the university after you left)… I took a girl along for a last minute photo shoot on a previously planned hike. We hiked up a mountain along and over a rocky stream to a rocky outcropping. She wasn’t the most agile hiker but we made it and I got some beautiful shots with the orange light from the setting sun for the Slate. We thought we would have time to get down to the car before dark until we found out the girl had night-blindness! As soon as we got below the trees she could not see a thing! I had to guide her step by step. Luck was not on my side, as the light faded I found there was no moonlight or even starlight – I literally could not see my hand in front of my face! (or anything else for that matter) By the time we got to the stream it was so dark I was using the flash from the camera to get my bearings then trudged on with my frightened companion over rocks and through the stream. Eventually some of the others came back up the trail with flashlights from their cars and we got back safely. It was quite a trip.

Son of J said...

Hey Scott,

You have no idea how much I think about you, Georgia, Lisa B, and Connie (or Constance and her sister too). Many of those thoughts revolve around You Know I Can't Hear You... and Amadeus as well as trips to the wall in your green van and "killer charades" games. I also have a funny memory involving you and two other Masquers when we came back to Ship a week early after winter break for Amadeus. But I'll save that one for a face-to-face reunion. I'd love to catch-up sometime and if you are in Philly again, you'd better call. Great pictures in the post. Later Scott.

Scott Mc said...

Alan, that sounded like quite an adventure. It sounds like the perfect set up for a horror movie. Gotta love those moments that seem awful when you're in them but always prove to be the best stories later on.

Scott Mc said...


I was so excited to see you here on the blog! You always were such a great guy, ready with a smile and a laugh. You've got a beautiful family and will definately stop in to see you and them next time I'm in Philly. If you're ever out Pittsburgh way, would love to see you. Unfortunately my memory sucks, because I'm blanking on the winter memory. You're killing me boy! Gotta meet up so I can find out more terrible secrets about my past.

Lara said...

Scott, is it my imagination or do you guys spend an awful lot of time wondering around in the woods? I'm going to check the back porch of our cabin to see if you are actually holed up in there and not in Pittsburgh at all.

Scott Mc said...

It's not your imagination... we do spend a lot of time in the woods. And you don't have to check the back porch.. look out your window.. there we are... HI!!! why are you calling the police?

We do try to get outside as much as possible and there will be lots more wood pics now that spring is here!