Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Spy

Writing for two blogs is like having an affair. I had such fun getting the Maizie stuff up (that's Chinese Takout-click the link on the right if you just can't get enough bodily fluids and pudgy cheeks), that poor Masquers was neglected this week. But the week before, I didn't get anything up on Chinese Takeout, and my public got hostile. I never realized blogging could be so stressful.
Catherine had mentioned how interesting it is to delve deeply into the photos, for clues to our past lives.

Here we have a typical night at the Bietsch House, circa 1987. If we look closely, we see the white plastic bowl from the Doeller Genral, that we used for popcorn. Since we ate that for dinner every night, no big surprise. Chris has shaved her armpits--I admit I was a little surprised by that. Lots of lint and other foreign matter on the floor, no big surprise. The only time I remember vacuuming was at 4 am after a Halloween Party when Catherine's family was coming to visit.

Here we have a typical night at Ross, Scott & Glen's house on Queen Street,circa 1986. Right away we can surmise that Glen is wearing a thong. Ross is holding a potato, but then, it was his birthday. Most of the people in the shot were friends of Ross's. That's Amy Jos between Scott & Lynn Kleinfelter.

Here is another Viewer Challenge.
This shot of Eric Smith was taken at the Chez Bebey Miller right after we bought our house, circa 1997. The shirt he is holding is one that he wore in college. See if you can find ERic in either of these shirts in your photos, and post them. And if anyone knows where he is, see if you can convert him to the Blog Cult.

PS, if you are or know of any Masquer that wants to be added to the group so they can post their own embarrassing photos or stories, let me know.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gotta Love a Formal...

Hee hee! I finally figured out how to scan, so many more fun posts to come. I am not quite up to the "Photo Bucket" level of SOME people, but at least I've entered the 21st century....

I was originally going to just post a pic from the Emmys last weekend, but then realized when putting my dress away the ridiculous number of "formals" I've collected over the years. Thought I would post a few of my favorite formal pics... I even got Bob Marzec to put on a tie!

Btw, I emailed the oh-so-cute Anthony Haubert about this blog, so hopefully we'll see a post from him soon. Also, Doran told me I could only post pics of him as long as they are "tasteful." Hope this one fits the bill.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today...

... more or less. Most of these pics, showing some of our favorite places, were dated 1987 on the back. Whew.

Test those aging memories of yours with some Masquers trivia. Hopefully the text will line up right with the photos. Here goes:

#1: Name the show that used the layout taped onto the floor in this photo of MA 110.

#2: Name the location of these lighting instruments and spell their name correctly.
#3: What is the correct name for the tool now known across the nation as "box cutters"?

#4: Name this mysterious man and guess his approximate age during our tenure at MA.

#5: How many times did you climb the ladder to hang and focus those #!@? ____s? (see question #2) Bonus points: Name this show.

Monday, September 17, 2007

What Do You Know, Joe?

Look, Joe Reeder at age 13!! Masquers go Hershey Park Happy to see the Monkees. We were so cool because we knew a park employee, that Scott he had all the ins.

Then there was the first play that had water in the title, You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running'. Aren't they cute? And whatever did happen to Kurt Geib?

I don't even want to think about the stories that our couch on Earl Street could tell. Catherine doesn't look like an Italian boy this time, but she does have a bra on her head. See how many bras you can find in the photo.

This is what happens when you are so busy blogging, you don't pay attention to what your kid is doing. That cup is supposed to be spill proof, but evidently it's not Maizie proof.
Denise, thank you so much for the groovey baby hippy clothes! We have to get Maizie Mayhem and the Emmanator together for some goat whooping.

BEACHIN' the sequal

So here's the (best of) the rest of my Bethany pics from July of '02. A motley crew if I ever saw one. I'm in desperate need of losing about 6" of my hair. Next up, my summer of 2003 road trip to visit Chris and Lisa.

Lisa perfecting her couch potato routine.

Chris' unhealthy obsession with her gloves.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Waxy nostalgia

First things first.
The outside of the Bietsch house is tan.
And there is a garage in the back yard.

I remembered the red fire place.
I still have one of the pink flamingos.
Now it is one of Maizie's favorite toys.
I cleaned the wax and old booze off of it first.

I blocked out how big our hair was. Here is the proof that it was.
Also proof of Constance's little Monty Python demonstration. Check out the background here. Scott are you getting all tearuy eyed. I also remember Connie throwing spaghetti on the kitchen ceiling to see if it was done. It's probably still there.

Don't forget Catherine's other major talent. She could eat without having the food actually touch her lips. No smudgy lipstick for that one.

Michelle got it spot on. We had fun. And we still do. There will be pictures of that later.

I found some pics, hee hee

My mom told me that she found some photos of mine when she was unpacking after moving. Schweet.

So, while I am figuring out how to download the photos that Lisa put in the photo montage, I thought I would post a few that she sent to me.

I found a few pics of Catherine that I am sure she would rather forget. But since I am her best friend, I just want her to know that I have blackmail material when she makes it big.

I think the first picture shows one of many of her talents. Has she shown you her impression of the hamburger helper hand singing "O sole o Mio?" It's a must see. She made me laugh then and still does. About the animal suits - a recent episode of CSI? No....a disaster of a play at Memorial Auditorium. Hmmm? What was your motivation when you played the Woolly Mammoth in "The Skin of Our Teeth?" The Mammoth and the Dinosaur were one of the best things about that play. But look at the sexy woman in the leather skirt!!! What a sultry look. We were all so jealous at how she made even sweat pants look HOT! I forgot about the bright red fireplace. What color is the outside of the house now?

Then I thought I'd throw in a picture of Galen, well....because it needs no explanation. And finally, we couldn' t leave out Doran. Why hasn't he posted? Remember when he came to Ship? He created quite a stir. And I'm sure that he is shaking things up in Tibet where he is assisting the Dalai Lama. I'm kidding ...or am I?

Seriously now...What I love about these photos is that it shows we knew how to have fun. We didn't take ourselves too seriously. When I think back, I think about the fun that we had and all of the laughing (and drinking) that we did. Trust me - most people's college photos are not this interesting.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


There are all sorts of things I could be doing when the baby is sleeping, but really who needs clean laundry? In between digging out old photos and scanning away, I've even found time to stalk people. Please give a big welcome to your old pal 'The Great Big Walking W', Galen Kreiser, and everyone's favorite Bodgilism, Bob Marzec. They've joined our little blog cult. Now let's see what you've got.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So these pics are from the July of 2002 at Bethany Beach, MD. My first trip down to the Masquer Beach Vacation. It was a great week, and looking back at these pics makes me miss you guys.

I've got a few more of these and will post them soon.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

'M' Is For Michelle

I felt so bad that Michelle's college photos are being held hostage, I just had to do something about it. Isn't she lucky? Aren't you glad you're not that lucky.....yet.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Oh Pie!

For his birthday, Jeff wanted a peach pie and a drink-- "an astronaut"-- well, the astronaut sent him flying. (Sometimes when I bake, it actually gets.)
I also want to tell everyone that it is true that Scott has become a gourmand. You have to see it to believe it. It was hard to imagine when he lived in the roach infested apartment on Queen Street.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

...Past Bed Time Like Mother Like Daughter

Here are some pics of Maizie at her first Lost Discs Radio Show. Up late and partying already! She doesn't really need parental supervision.

The Scott-Lutz Outpost

At long last I have broken through the technology barrier that has stopped me from digging out old photos! But first, here are a few recent ones of John, me, and the kids from our vacation along the Shenandoah this summer. Of course, others we know were out adding to their family with a jaunt in China at the same time, but at least our drive was shorter.

Both of our kids (as of today - breaking news!) are now in school. I guess I'm officially old, but that's ok. People have asked how I feel about Gretchen starting kindergarten. I'm happy for her, and hey -- I'm going to take occasional trips to the grocery store without any kids along! Whoooeeee!

I'll be back with images from your incriminating past(s)... Also some of John at Doune Castle in Scotland, where they filmed the Holy Grail. They gave him coconuts to play with. Really. I have video, too.