Sunday, October 5, 2008

Finds from the archives

A card I saved from the summer of '88 with a HAND WRITTEN note from John says:
I loved reading the card that you returned concerning theater at Shippensburg. I'm currently Historian for the Masquers/Music Theater organization and have been a member for 3 years. Your experience and attitude about theater seem to fit in with those of an educational theater atmosphere. You checked several areas of interest including onstage and backstage areas. Anyone truly involved with theater knows there is a lot of effort on and off stage. Since you also checked that you are definitely interested in our production of "Oliver," I look forward to seeing you soon at Memorial Auditorium or at the Activity Fair. We will have a booth set up for the fair, so please stop by and meet some of the people you will be working with.
John Scott
Hell, who wouldn't be impressed by that? There were tragic-comedy masks on the cover of the card in a pen and ink sketch by Douglas Robinson, printed up as cards in John's hometown of Waynesboro by J&M Printing.
Coming soon ... the programs from the two days of the Stage Directing class scenes final exams from December '88 (unless someone's a real party pooper and beats me to posting it first).