Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dear Friends:
My wife ran away this weekend to meet up with a questionable group of women at a hotel in DC. I wish I could say it was the first time. Several months back, she left and went to visit friends in Connecticut with a new "baby."
Sure, I put on a brave face at first. I told the kids, "it's alright, mommy still loves us. She'll be back home soon." But they just looked at me and said that I was blocking the tv. Brave souls. I had to buy a wii to heal their wounds.
She tells me that this time there was drinking and laughter. To console me, she said that they were just some old "theater" friends." As if this helps. She said that they all swapped stories about old times and comical recollections about tragic theater productions.
I'm sure that I'll be learning more about this weekend's frivolity over the coming days as her memory is regained. I've already heard some hints about one friend scaling a sculpture and almost being arrested for her reverie. I even heard tales about some king being killed. It's all too much to write about.
I'm phoning the DC police tomorrow to see if they're missing any sculptures.
Keep me in your thoughts. Prithee Duff, say it isn't so. Have we eaten upon the insane root that takes reason prisoner?
Yours til Burnham woods to Dunsinane do come.
She brought home gifts for the children. For me, she brought home leftover beer. But judging by Constance's glee (see photo) I'm afraid to open it. I'm sure it's been shaken.


Constance said...

Don't worry, that's not glee. It's gas.

BING! said...

Does this mean John's gonna pull something similar? Or is he beyond such shenanigans?


I don't know Bing! but I like the way he thinks. John, are you planning a Masquer sausage party?

David & LisaBB said...

Sausage Party? Is this some male masquer euphemism for boy parts?