Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pictures to encorage posting

I have been scanning away since I found the blog, so that I would have the perfect picture to post when needed. Since Alan is now making comments, I figured I could encourage him to post with some older pictures :-)

Alan lounging in our dorm room.

Alan showing off an injury (or is he saying something else?)

Alan and the happy crew of Apple Tree.

I also felt bad that Bing had computer issues and couldn't post current pictures. So this one is for Bing, Alan and also Ellen who just started posting. Alan is center stage with a kid on his head, Bing is laying down on the far right and Ellen is just left of Center, along with many other happy Masquers!

The Oliver Cast.


Lynn S said...

Hey Kim i think I have that same picture of Alan Showing off his finger injury. Ha ha

BING! said...


Alan said...

Hi Kim! you just wait ... I havent pulled out the photos yet...

BING! said...

Wow, "The Apple Tree." That was a tumultuous chapter in the annals of Shippensburg U. theater. Some of the faces in that crew bring back memories - Alan, Galen (I think that's Galen), Steve McGinnis, Lee Neibert, Julia Halloran. AND DIANE HAMELIN. WHERE THE HECK IS DIANE HAMELIN THESE DAYS?

BING! said...

Alan: John, I cut my finger.

John: Well go put a Band-Aid on it.

Alan: No, you don't understand ... I cut my finger in the saw.