Friday, February 29, 2008

When we all 6 shall meet

It's midnight. We are in DC. In the bar.Past midnight. Just like the olden days. THere just happened to be an unattended computer in the bar/lobby. And they all just left me alone with it. Ah, so many things to choose from. So little brain to use. Remembering Leslie Cease and Pat Leonard. Where is Eric Smith. Replacing the MA stage batons and Ross being laid flat on his back with a bloody circle cut into his head from hitting the end of the pipe. Then Joe Reeder with the same tell tale circle. Did you also end up with the mark of shame? Who stole Mark Saladino's blue sweater--was it Chris?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

What Are You Implying?

It seems SOME of you think I have a problem. Some of you seem to think that I am a little too media obsessed, "I'm taking bets:how many cameras do you think Lisa is bringing? Will she bring a lap top so she can post real-time blogs of our DC adventure to the larger world?". I'm not naming any names, though.

We all have our own little idiosynchrocies. Chris has to stay up all night to write a paper the day before it's do (even 20 years after Ship). Lara's house is all packed and ready to move out-they just have to buy a new house first. Constance wore pajamas to my wedding. Catherine can eat without her lips touching the food. Michelle was VERY close to her hamster. I've always taken lots of pictures when we get together. Now, I just happen to be able to throw them all out on the blogosphere on a daily--ok, maybe hourly if I've got good stuff, basis.

Tomorrow, Chris, Constance, Lara, Catherine, Michell & I converge on Washington, DC. Denise, you are still our back up for bail money. We are programming our phones to speed dial you in case of emergency. Yes, I will take lots of photos. If there's room, I suppose I will bring the video camera. David will break my fingers if I try packing the laptop, but I'm sure there's a business center in the hotel.

If not, be sure you keep your eye on the national news channels, just in case.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hello All

Wow, this is so cool, my first experience with blogging. Hi to everyone. Lynn Snyder Sutterfield here. I think there were a few Lynns in Masquers so let me remind you which one I am. I was Kimberly's roomie (how funny that she just joined the blog a day ago and I haven't talked to her or anyone else from Ship in years) Anyway, you might also remember that I dated Ed Hanlin most of the time I was at Ship. Oh yeah, and I was a techie with no desire to be on-stage, just back stage. When I locate my old photos I'll post them...I'm sure I've got some really good/embarassing one's somewhere.
OK, so here's the last almost 20yrs. in a nutshell. After Ship I went to grad school at Okla. State Univ. Ed & I split up. Finished grad school. Got married. Moved to Florida, then Nebraska, then back to Okla. Got divorced. Had another disfunctional relationship. Changed careers and for the last 5 years have been a licencsed alcohol & drug counsleor/case manger for a homeless shelter in the very small town of Pawnee, OK. I bought a house in the country last year and am enjoying being single:) All of my kids are the four legged kind...dogs, cat, and horse. And I am also "Aunt Lynn" to most of my friends' kids. I'll try to add some photos of me and my "kids". It's really great so see all of you and your families! You all still look so young! I'm looking forward to reading more about what you are all up to.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is GREAT! I am hooked already!

This is GREAT! I am hooked already! This will not be a good thing for my career, since I really did spend all of yesterday afternoon reading the entire Blog. It was so good to see all of you and your beautiful children, spouses, homes and pets. I realized while reading how much I miss the times at Ship and the Masquers!

I do have some great old pictures, but I will need to get the scanner hooked up for that. So for now, here is what is going on with me currently.

As Lisa stated, I work for IBM. How does a History Ed major get to IBM, you might ask? Completely by accident, I can assure you! But now I am in Management and once you are in the corporate world, it gets hard to leave. Lisa also surmised correctly, that I work from home and that is great, but it does lead to multi-tasking to an absurd degree. As I type this, I am on a conference call, have 10 work related Instant Message chats open, two emails half written, doing laundry and have dinner cooking. I have such an exciting life!

I am married. It has been almost 8 years. Here is a picture of me and my husband Mike, from a recent Cruise.

We don't have any children, just two dogs that we spoil like children. This is Mac and Angel and they are my Babies.
I do have a 20 year old step-daughter. My plan is to just skip the mother thing and go straight to being a Grandmother, which, with a 20 year old, could be relatively soon. Scary - isn't it?
We live in the suburbs of Atlanta GA, so if all y'all are ever down in these parts, look us up!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Red Rover, Red Rover Let Kimberly Come Over

There I was.  Just typing away, getting Joe & Galen's info up, and I hear my email dinger  go off. I have mail from Kimberly Fitzpatrick.  I thought ' Why is one of the kids from our cast of Christmas Carol emailing me?'  Then I read (reading is hard) the Masquers part of the subject line--Kimberly Luckenbaugh Fitzpatrick saw the SHip alumni magazine blurb and will be signing on soon.  She spent the afternoon reading through  the whole blog-from this I surmise she either works at home (for IBM) or is some major head honcho who doesn't have to worry about the boss seeing what's on her computer all day.

Kimberly at an Earl Street party, where we did unspeakable things to a doll named Bob.

Hershey Park Happy, Kimberly

'Don't Drink the Water'  

Remote Blogging

Whee, my stalker emails worked--sort of.  Very happy to get Eric Son Of Jarrell on board! Still waiting for Ellen to stop slacking and get pictures of her boys up.  Joe Reeder didn't have time to post, but in my copiously free schedule, I thought I'd take the liberty to do it for him.

Tom & Steven Reeder

I think this is Tom, but who can tell under all the marker?  Joe, did you and Dina not read the 'Never Leave Child Unattended With Marker' warning on the back of the crayolas?
Galen is too busy trying to figure out where to get a refrigerator box big enough for his family to live in after they sell their house.  Which hasn't stopped him from worrying about all y'all's health and well being.  Check out the link to his website for for a Completely Healthy you!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Harrison, Luther and Reggie enjoying a snowday.

Monday, February 18, 2008

It Can't Really Be 20+ Years

I swear I can remember quite a bit about our college and Masquers days like it was only fifteen years ago. It all goes by so so fast. The Masquers pictures I thought I had are not as easily accessible as I thought they were, so I will start with a quick summary of the last oh-too-many years. First I have a picture of me and my wife and our daughter taken about two years ago (we don't have near enough family pictures) and one of my wife and daughter together. I have been married for almost seven years and our daughter will be four in November. I have worked as an environmental and community planner for Montgomery County Planning Commission for the last sixteen years and am now Assistant Section Chief (not assistant to the Section Chief for all you The Office lovers) of Community Planning. I have been very active in Community Theater for the last ten years and that is where I met my wife (who is quite an actor herself if I do say). I will try and post some of those pictures. We are quite lucky to have five very good community theaters within 30 minutes to perform with. Plus I have been active on the Board of our "home" theater. As for Ship, I have not been back in a while, but ten of my closest frat buddies have gotten together each year in the Poconos for the last eighteen years. I currently live in Limerick, Pennsylvania just outside Philadelphia. I would love to catch-up with everyone in more detail and plan to keep an eye on this Blog. It amazes me how often over the years I have thought about each one you. Catch-up more soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Eric. Son of Jarrell

Ok, so I am looking at the comment on the post of Ellen's picture.  It is 'Son of J'.  Who the heck?? And then it hits me, CLEARLY IT IS ERIC SON OF JARRELL.  This is so cool.  And clearly I need to get more hobbies.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

But Ellen Algiers Diggs is!!!
A great big bloggy welcome to Ellen! Now let's see what those boys of yours look like--oh, and you and your husband, too. You said you were new to the blogosphere, but I am sure you won't have any troubles posting, unlike most of the English Majors. (Chris, you don't count because you started in Journalism.)
Ellen in 'Don't Drink the Water'.

Ellen's Homecoming Debut

Ellen, Four Generations of Slimey Dogs (Yes, there is 1/2 a dead rat in jar of formaldehyde in that bag)

Ellen with Bob & Lori in front of the National Cathedral-before we were thrown out, or maybe after

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trek to see Phil

Nothing is weirder than being with 7,000 other people in the dead of winter waiting to see a groundhog. That's why it was so great. 5:30 am - dancing with people dressed like groundhogs, watching fireworks in the middle of the woods, enjoying a bonfire. Waiting for the break of dawn...

then, actually believing that a rodent can prognosticate. Ah, pagan rituals. Where would we be without them?