Monday, March 3, 2008

Bing's even more neurotic than you remember

The second biggest obstacle to participating in this blog was finally getting a high speed connection. Dialup's gone the way of the cassette tape, hasn't it? [*-*] That's a cassette tape, get it? Be advised that PC issues are preventing me from posting any photos at this time.
Man, technology really blew up since we graduated didn't it? It really sunk in while reading about Kimmy's multitasking.
The biggest obstacle to participating in this blog was knowing it even existed. I have this perverse habit of reading the Shippensburg alumni newsletter and then ending up feeling really depressed because it's everybody else that's successful. But this time I got an unexpected pleasure in learning about this avenue to commune with you all again.
I can't fully describe how nervous I am posting this. I mean, would you welcome me to this exclusive circle of friends? My heart welled with joy when I learned that my name actually came up in conversation at a Catherine/Chris/Lara/Lisa/Michelle gathering. Dang, maybe Lisa was right when she said you "conjured" me up. What manner of witchcraft doth this be?
Y'know I still have a lot of those Senior Will items like Ellen's "Buttons are stupid" button and Lynn's button collection. Unfortunately, Chris' butterscotch shirt had to be retired in 2001 because it got too threadbare.
All of my love to you all!
I'm a single dad getting a big assist from family raising 11-year-old Brian L. Bingaman Jr. I write for a daily newspaper called The Reporter. I was still doing the radio thing, albeit part-time, until last summer. I'm still having withdrawal because I keep having this dream - like that one where you have to go back to school because some of your credits didn't count - that I'm in the studio but there's nothing on the air. Despite trying mightily in the dream, I can't get the next song to load.
Peace to you all, including those that graduated before I came to Ship in '88.
If you're interested, I'll tell you about what I've been up to with my music, plus the time I felt like a bigshot "Distinguished Alumnus" when The Slate and WSYC marked their 50th anniversaries last spring.


Kimberly said...

Hi Bing! Great to hear from you. I hope you resolve your computer issues soon, because I want to see you and your son.

David & LisaBB said...

Who defines success anyway? We are still just the same lovable bunch of miscreants we always were. This is the cyber equivalent of the corner table at Kriner Diner. It took us a few years to work our way back together, but there's always room for another chair.

chrom said...

No need to feel nervous-- we're just masquers.

Lynn S said...

Bing!!!! So great to hear from you! It sounds to me like you are a success. Being a single father raising an 11yr. old is a great success in itself. I would love to hear more about what you have been up to all these years!

CatherineCZ said...

Hey Bing - So glad you posted! (Btw, if you ever want to email me privately about the neurotic thing, I'm your girl.) Hope you can post some pics soon. :-)

BING! said...

Thanks Catherine. And thanks all for your kind words.