Sunday, June 29, 2008

We spent the first 2 weeks of June in Italy. We've never been there, so we went a little crazy with pictures. If you're really interested, I have more on my Facebook page. And if you're REALLY interested, come on over for a slide show of all 650. Seriously. And each one has a story. I'll make dinner & set up the guest room.

This is a typical street corner in Rome. No, it's not leading into any famous church or museum. We could have spent all day (& did) just walking through the tiny, winding streets & looking at the architecture. Bellissimo!

The Colosseum & Trevi Fountain:

Of course, we had to hang out on the Spanish Steps in our cool Italian shades.

Then we drove through Tuscany, visiting Florence & Pisa, and many beautiful tiny walled villages in between. We also visited Lake Garda, where we took a boat ride around the lovely town of Sirmione.

We stayed with about the nicest innkeepers in the world outside of Verona & ended our trip in bella Venezia.

Here we are in Harry's Bar enjoying bellinis... a quest for this English major. And they certainly know that people want to come enjoy the experience that Hemingway did. The bellinis are the most expensive thing on the menu at 15 euros each. But you're only there once, right?
We ended our trip with a romantic gondola ride thru the canals of Venice. I can only say that our cat is glad we're home. We're not so sure.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Great Big Walking W meets Son of Jarrell

News Flash: The Walking W met Eric, Son of Jarrell, possibly for the first time, on Saturday evening. After almost 20 years and possibly dozens of near misses in Shearer hall, the two met at Galen's house near Phoenixville, Pa. Good food, drink and company were shared after a session of splashings in the pool.
It is possible that the offspring will be dating soon as the Daughter of Son of Jarrell was heard to profess her love for young Joshua and young Joshua got rather misty as his new friend was pulling out of the driveway.
More later as news develops.