Monday, January 21, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Come On A My House-Chris & Jeff Style

Join us next time for Robots Gone Wild!

The Adventures of the Lutz Scott's in Connecticut

John, Lara, Liam, Gretchen & Tasha braved I-95 to visit the Northern Masquer Tier.
So far, Lara has been too busy sitting on the couch swilling beers and watching TV with Monty to do anything really fun.

Liam & Gretchen have taken it upon themselves to teach Maizie how to order pizzas on the phone.

Stay tuned for more A VISIT TO CHRIS & JEFF'S!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

YAY, Finally got some snow!

I watched the snow all afternoon out my office window with anticipation.
3:30 finally arrived (Okay, 3:20 but who's counting!) and I was out the door. Stopped for gas, picked up Josh, got some broccoli at the store- Josh loves his broccoli- then home and on the slope by 4:20. Grabbed the camera for some beauty shots since the house goes back on the market next week. Then it was time to play! J-man takes after his dad and loves playing in the snow. The sun went down WAY too soon and dad had to make some dinner. Scarfed it down quickly and got outside for some more fun and had just enough time to make a snowman before bedtime. Now they're calling for rain overnight. Damn!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Home Fur the Holidays

Christmas at the Hartford Stage is always a special time. We take a whole afternoon just to decorate the costume shop. Our 'mink deer' are those little furry creatures that your grandmother may have worn strung around her neck. They sport ball fringe harnesses and gold pipecleaner antlers. I like to think that dressing them up and putting them on display is 'recycling'. They're already dead, we might as well get some more use out of them. And yes, Santa is a puffer fish. I'm not sure why, but we had one, so we stuck him in the shoebox sleigh. And yes, Rudolph's nose does light up. Watch out Macy's!!!!

From CHristmas Past-

Last year the we did a Minktivity: Mary, Joseph and the 3 Wise Minks.

Christmas is over- but the the bonbons are still here

Oranges represent the Christmas' of the past- when something citrusy in winter was precious. Jeff's pile- ummm, 60s anyone?

Happy New Year all! May 08 be grand. Stay tuned for pics for Ground Hog's Day! We are sleeping in the same house with the's true.