Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Masquers Take DC

And yet a few more pics of our girlie weekend in Washington...

Here's Christine with her Librarian doll... with real shushing action!

Here's everyone happy in line at the National Gallery of Art cafe, except for Constance who needs her coffee now!

Maybe that's why they gave her the tiny cup?
We had a delightful weekend. It was like going back in time. One of us got lost on the Metro. One of us touched a sculpture. One of us blogged from the hotel at midnight. So you might be thinking, did Catherine do anything interesting? The answer is yes. I never paid for those damn bagels!


Kimberly said...

Thank you (all of you) for sharing your pictures of DC. Some of us (OK, I will speak for myself) I am extremely jealous, that you all have kept in touch and could gather from across the country for such a fun weekend. Thanks to the blog, I spent 2 hours catching up with my rommie, on Monday, and it was wonderful!

CatherineCZ said...

Next time we'll meet in the middle & everyone can come! Vegas anyone? Or Bismarck. Your call.

Kimberly said...

Vegas works for Me! I love Vegas