Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Here, here!

I also would like to hear from Denise, Lara/John, Scott and the rest of you masquers. C'mon. All the cool people are doing it. You know you want to, too. And put some durn pictures up, too. And, Denise, NOT of your refridgerator.
It'd be hella dope, peace out.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

1986-Oh What A Year It Was

Well, now that we know that Mark Saladino has made good, it's back to the important things. Blackmail.
To have any of these photos removed from the blogosphere, simply mail your check to 'Trixie Lives'. And make sure it's a big one, or the pics don't come down.

Aaaaahhh, Scott McCauley. Is Vera surfing the web yet? I can't wait for her to see what else I can find.

Rock Me Amadeus!!! I'm hoping the picture of Denise will draw her away from her Farm Wives Coffee Clatch long enough to entertain us with a story from her Is It Live or Is It Memorex Brain. She could probably tell us what Kriner Diner was serving for dinner the night this photo was taken.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Saladino Makes Good

Dudes - I don't know why you guys would think Mark Saladino is still at Ship. He's traded in his sweater for a new suit & has gotten a great job. He always takes me out to lunch when I bring in our tax payment.

Mark Saladino, Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector

Mark Saladino is the LA County Treasurer, Tax Collector and Public Administrator. He is responsible for receiving, investing and disbursing funds of the county and more than 110 school, college and special districts, as well as for billing and collecting property taxes, business regulatory fees and a variety of debts owed to the county. He is a trustee on the Board of Retirement and the Board of Investments of the Los Angeles County Employees’ Retirement Association (LACERA), chairman of the County’s Treasury Oversight Committee, president-elect of the California Association of County Treasurers and Tax Collectors (CACTTC), and from 2001-2004 he served as vice-chairman of the CACTTC Legislative Committee. From 1990 to 1998, Saladino was an attorney in the office of the Los Angeles County Counsel and prior to that he was in private law practice in New York and Los Angeles. He has drafted legislation and provided testimony at hearings before committees of the California Legislature and the United States Congress and two bills drafted by him have been enacted into law by the legislature and governor of the State of California. Saladino earned his J.D. New York University.

Friday, August 17, 2007

What are all these kids doing in Doc's office?

oh right, we were doing a show. Feiffer's People. And yes Mark Saladino is still here. I think he might still be finishing his degree at Ship as we speak.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Using Technology for Evil

These were the only photos I could put my hands on fast, so Constance can relax, for the moment. But if my baby goes hungry tomorrow because I am too busy scanning incriminating photos, I blame you for starting it.

One of our first trips to Bethany Beach.

I don't remember who half of these people are. Wouldn't it be fun if they knew I had this photo.

All I can say, is that I did not sleep with Bob after this photo was taken. Or ever. Wait, we were room mates, so technically we were sleeping together, but then so was Chris.
Please note Mark Saladino's sweater hanging on the door behind us. I believe it was the only one he owned.

At least I'm wearing something decent in this photo, and a bra.


What can you say?

Here's Lara


Sexy Ladies 1987

some oldies

Summer is fun

Yesterday, Jeff and I went go-karting, played miniature golf, and watched a practice for As You Like It in Edgerton Park. When the end of summer comes, we feel like we have to go hiking, eat seafood-watermelon-corn-grilled food, swim, and watch really artsy movies. Last night we watched a Czech movie called Daisies that's a bit of a mindbender. We're off to the Philadelphia Folk Festival where I will take as many dulcimer classes as possible.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Judge not!

Me and Liz Covey at the bar, before the judging of the ARCHON masquerade. Yep, it's better to be lit when in stinkin' hot St. Louis at the national sci-fi fest.

How many of you have "Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis" going thru your brain? Ah, masquers.

ARCHON/St. Louis

Here I am at the ARCHON convention with my new friends.

Beam me up, Scotty.

Monday, August 13, 2007

What Chris Forgot To Mention

Ok, so Chris isn't admitting to grey hairs. It's true she does not drive a minivan, but that hip little Matrix she has is still just a tarted up station wagon. Here she is at her last birthday party. The '40' on the tiara does not represent how many beers she drank that night.

Here are more pictures from our day at the Fake Beach. I kept looking for Boardwalk Fries. Jeff is so much like a Masquer that I keep asking him about 'The Wall' and if he ever drank gin & tonics with Doug. Then he gets this blank look, and I remember he wasn't there. Here he is with his favorite beach read-The Weekly World News.

And Yes, I clearly am Super Mom. New baby. Recovering from China. Setting up blogs. All it really takes is one little thing-'Stay At Home Daddy'. David has 2 more weeks until he goes back to teaching. After that, I'm not sure how I'll take a shower, never mind turn on the computer. We were at a picnic with a bunch of the other moms and babies from our China group. I started getting death threats when I said I hadn't even been to the grocery store without David yet.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Road Trip

So my husband, Robert, & I decided to hearken back to our youth this summer & take a good old-fashioned road trip. It's amazing to realize that there are majestic sites out there, just a few hundred miles down the highway, and we never emerge from our little bubble to appreciate them. Yes, I am talking about the craps tables at the Bellagio.

Besides seeing the Cirque de Soliel's/ Beatles "Love" show in Vegas - where I wish I had every Masquer I've ever met sitting next to me to appreciate it - we also ventured out into America....

The pros of doing a road trip as a grown-up are:

- Car that won't break down half-way thru the trip

- Better snacks

- Staying in better in places along the way

- And the opportunity to be here........

Thanks, Lisa, for setting up the site! And thanks Christine for the swell idea! It was so fun to see pictures of everyone at Lisa's shower. And I must say, none of us has aged one bit.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Grey Hairs? What Grey Hairs?

o.k., First off-- I don't have any grey hairs yet and Secondly I don't own a minivan-- I only eat mildly better when I'm motivated and o.k, I still drink beer-- but I also drink a lot more wine. I don't have any photogenic children and lord knows I don't like pics of myself-- so I may occasionally post pics of my husband. He wasn't a Masquer- but, if you know him, he would've been one had he been at Ship.

Yesterday Lisa, David, Maizie, Jeff and I went to the beach in CT-- which you know pretends to be a beach- without waves and lord knows what foul bacteria from Long Island Sound. Maizie was very well behaved. Lisa, however, was not.
Thefirst thing that the beautiful and gentle Gretchen says to Luther at Maizie's shower: "I always remembered you."

Harrison and Luther Spring 2007


First, Lisa is incredible. What other new mother would make the time to set up a blog?
Second, be warned: I think my children are so photogenic that you may have to limit my access.
Third, I haven't pants anyone in weeks.

Harrison and Elizabeth

Here's Harrison with Elizabeth (Lisa Jeanne's middle girl) at Little Buffalo in July.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Isn't Anyone Else Out There Unemployed?

Well, more about me then.
Here are pictures from our baby shower, a real shower. It rained. Just when it was supposed to start. It got better. And it didn't matter to me because I couldn't believe how many people came.

This is Lara's (oh, yeah and John's) daughter, Gretchen with her new BFF, Luther, Constance & Howie's youngest son.

Bob couldn't come. Some lame excuse about being in England. But his elephand did. So we called it 'Bob'.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Just to Get You Started

Last spring, Chris, Bob & I had a little "Three's Company" Reunion Weekend at Ship.
We did exciting things like break into the swank new theatre, and pick up other people's trash furniture from the sidewalk.

Now it's your turn!

It's Chris's Fault

Or Catherine's.
I got hooked into this blog thing before we went to China to adopt Maizie. David set it up before we left. I mocked him. Now I am addicted.

Now it's your turn. I want to see pictures of pets, babies, significant others, your lint collection. Tell me all about it. Everything.
Except Constance, that my costume shop only needs to use 3 different thread colors.