Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Not Christmas Yet!!!!!

It's Michelle's birthday first! Yes, it's her birthday tomorrow & I thought I'd share some of my favorite Miss Michelle pics!

This is how we would be celebrating if we were together. Although maybe she's not this happy to be turning 39... Hee hee!

This is Michelle saying, "I'm going to know you guys for HOW long???!!!!" (Even John seems stunned.)

Shiver me timbers! Michelle is thirrrrrrrrty-nine! Arrrrrgghhhhhhh!

Here is Michelle in her "Heat Miser" phase. Wasn't she cute... and festive?

Michelle was always a glamorous girl with glamorous friends.

Here are Michelle & I on her first trip to Hollywood. Marilyn & Jane better watch out!



Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Elves

Okay, I'm being a Blog-Hog (2 in a row), but thought you all would get a kick out of this:

Hope you all have a great Christmas and I expect to see some Holiday pictures worthy of both Santa and that ever more prevalent Duke of Puke.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Road Trip 2003 to Lisa & Chris

In the fall of 2003 I took a road trip up to visit Chris & Lisa. Saw some engagement rings, some real 'characters' and went to a castle. Here are the pics, you figure out what's what!

Castle first! Okay, I don't remember where this castle was, or the name. Chris and Lisa, do you know... help a guy out! It was very cool with a great view. Was that Monty the dog who came along for the ride?

It was a great trip and in desperate need of being done again. I'll post more pics from the trip soon.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The New Duke of Puke

It is eerie how similar Maizie and I are. At Shippensburg, I ended many a partying Friday night clutching a toilet.

Last night, Maizie partied like a rock star and paid the price. No, she was not drinking Cool Aid and grain alcohol, just in case you were wondering. Just a few too many French fries. As I was holding Maizie over the toilet then picking gooey white blobs out of my hair, I suddenly had a new appreciation for you all.

So, if you ever held my hair while I was praying to the porcelain god, thanks!