Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What the . . . ?

There is just WAY too much to read here! Have I been gone that long or did Lisa invite the entire Masquers alumni to blog? And who is the guy who works for Montgomery County planning? Did I know him? He'll probably meet my wife soon if he hasn't already. It is nice to see some new/old faces again.
OK- so here's my tale of WHOA! We have a buyer for our house. They did an inspection even though we had an inspector come through in October and we fixed what he told us to fix. The buyer's inspector said we had carpenter bees in the deck, a high radon level and a failed septic system that needs to be replaced. We got a real insect guy out to certify that the bees were not active and I plugged up the holes. The guy who put in the radon mitigation system when we moved in three years ago has come three times to fix the problem and will be back AGAIN!!! on April 7 to try one more time. The perc test to find a suitable spot for a new drain field for the septic system failed and will be re-done on April 1&2. If that one fails we need to put in a $25K sand-mound system instead of the regular ($8000) drain field. All this while we've been driving all over Phoenixville to see 25 houses that we don't want to buy but they looked OK on
Yeah- we've been a bit busy lately.
OK- enough of the bitching!

So- does anyone else remember the party at Catherine and Michelle's when we found the load of dirty dishes in the shower? For some odd reason that memory jumped out of my brain recently and was a bright spot in my day. I've had many days when I wished I could do the same thing.
If I ever get moved and settled, I promise to dig through the pictures and scan some in to share.

Happy Springtime to all! Stay healthy.

I'm baaaack!

Hi all, my apologies for slipping away for a bit. I was having computer problems that all seem to be solved now. I have been watching and enjoying the blog though. Who are all these 'new' Masquers? You mean Ship didn't close down after I left? Who knew?! Hi to all. I loved all the exploits as the Ladies of Masquers descended on DC. I'm glad you guys had such a good time.

Me and mine have been busy since I last spoke with you all, so I'm going to do a quick rundown and try not to take up a whole page. So here goes...
Christmas: Vera throws her gang signs. We've got her pledged to the Crips, but she has her heart set on the Bloods. She's such a dissapointment!

Stuart and I went to see his friend Joy in Philly for New Years and the Mummer's Parade! And I thought gay pride parades were freaky!

We taught Vera how to ice skate. I can still remember her words fondly as I skated towards her..."GET AWAY SCOTT, YOU'RE TOO WOBBLY!!!" we gotta start beating that kid.

Stuart and I went to Lost River, WV for a weekend. We were there for an ice storm. It was beautiful, the trees were all covered in ice on friday night and then on saturday the sun was shining bright, making the trees shine.

We then hiked an hour and a half up the mountain to see an old cabin, the graves of 3 dead children from 1915(spooky) who used to live in the cabin and a beautfiul view of the mountains. We stayed for the sunset and then raced down the mountain before dark (we had to run, did I mention the 3 dead children.. sunset.. and i'm a scaredy pants?)

Okay, that's enough for now. I promise not to be away for so long again. I hope to see some of you this spring (YEA SPRING!!!!) and/or summer.

Schniddley Crouchkoff goes back to Ship

I couldn't resist using the name of Doc's alter ego.

Welcome to Bil and Jesse! Post soon, you guys.

The Photobucket slide shows indicate that Bob, Chris, Eric and Lisa have been back to Shippensburg recently. Here's what happened my last visit there. The funny part is it was such a busy weekend that there wasn't time to take pictures (I hear you booing)!!
2007 marked the 50th anniversary of the university's student newspaper and radio station and all the Comm./Journ. alumni got invited to campus to celebrate in April. A radio station is a curious thing to start up at a teacher's college, which is what the school was back in 1957.
Besides going back on the air again for an hour (and sharing a story from the "Grease" strike party from 1991), there was an informative campus tour. I took such a long look at the Luhrs Center that the tour group moved on without me and I had to go back to the CUB and join the next tour.
At first I had an attack of angst because we deserved a stage like that back in the day. But then, after talking with some of the current "Slate" writers during panel discussions, I realized there's a sad disconnect between the Center and the student body. Events held there are too pricey for student budgets and are mostly geared toward Harrisburg and its Western Shore.
WSYC's alumni advisor (not a grad assistant, but an alumni advisor!), Trevor Stottlemeyer, asked me to be on a "music directors" panel, which turned out to be even more fun than I expected.
Another pleasant surprise was how cool the alumni from the '70s were.
At the banquet Steve McGinnis, who some of you remember, was supposed to talk about the station in the '90s. There was a speaker for every decade. A death in Steve's family cut his campus visit short, and I was asked RIGHT BEFORE DINNER to take his place. I had to piece together some memories while I was eating and prayed I didn't look too unprepared in front of a whole Reisner Hall roomful of alumni, students, faculty and the new university president.
I opened with: "Full disclosure, here, I was only asked to speak a few minutes before dinner. So my remarks aren't going to be as prepared as the others'." I had the room in the palm of my hand from the get-go.
Got quite a few compliments, including from some students :-O, saying mine was the best address of the night. Some expressed disbelief that I agreed to speak last minute. Hah! compared to that Alpha Psi Omega induction (ugh), this was nothing.
At an after party at the bar at the Shippen Place Hotel (with the G-Man gone, that's the upscale hangout) some of the alumni said I should become a professor. I briefly looked into it until reality set in that I'm a single father working full-time with no time or money to be investing in a master's program.
I felt like a million bucks that weekend though! Especially when one recent graduate said to Trevor at the after party: "Do you think we'll ever have anything like the '90s (in college radio) again?" He was talking about the music, of course. But I always felt that there was something very special about being in Shippensburg at that particular place and time.
Last April, it was as if God was giving me a big hug and saying: "You're okay, really."

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's Up Doc?

What with all the Doc talk lately, I got wild and emailed him last night.  He emailed back this morning.

Dear Lisa:
So nice to hear from you. Yes, I'm still at Ship, the longest serving faculty member here. Ergo, I get to carry the Mace each commencement. When anyone asks me when I will retire, with one eloquent gesture I reveal my physical, mental and emotional age ,as I scratch my head with my extended middle finger. I'm still having too much fun. In my profession, if you retire, you're dead. Perhaps you are not aware, there are other groups of Masquers who hold reunions. Chief among these are the annual gatherings in Columbia, Maryland, celebrating Sheri Cohen's extended remission from Hodgekin's Lymphoma. I do attend these. As for creativity, look me up in YouTube. Search for william20326 and you'll find lots there. My most successful muisc video is "Maria Maria", over 15000 hits so far. Unhappily I have yet to exceed Chris Crawford's tearful plea on behalf of Britney Spears or a notable Mindanao Island's prison population's dancing en masse to Michael Jackson's "Thriller". But we'll see. And then of course you will find many other comments about me in a web site called "Ship Underground". Ah, the minutes will pass by like hours. Believe it or not, they have temporarily moved me back to my old Masquers office in the rear of MA. This summer, however,  I'm back in Dauphin, third floor this time. Doug Bietsch is collecting data as experienced by old timers like you over the twenty or so years since he himself started with the club. He concludes that we certainly had an influence over quite a number of people. Doug would like to hear from all of you.
Dr. Kingsley

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If You Stalk Them, They WIll Come

The amount of activity since the Ship alumni magazine ran the blog address has been more fun since being able to buy your own booze.  I suppose now they'll want me to donate some money.

I have emailed Jesse & Bil blog invitations.  Who knows who will be showing up next?

I am thinking of adding a listing of  who is in the blog.  Anyone opposed? 

Bing I and Bing II

I know yer not legit until you post some pix. So ...

*A tenor saxophone player, Brian Jr. has been named to his school district's elementary honors band two years in a row.
*He's been in three community theater productions (something I've never done). Jr. was the youngest kid in the poignant ensemble piece "Round the World and Back Again" by Stephen Murray. He got a good size lead in the children's show "Darius the Dragon" by Eleanor Harder. Most recently, he played his sax as a member of the boys band at the finale of "The Music Man."

I didn't realize it till "The Music Man," but I morphed into a stage mom. Stage moms usually cheese me off because they're always sticking their noses in when they should butt out. But for the record, I didn't do anything I wasn't asked to do.

Bil with one L (still) or stil

Here check out this link.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Long Lost Masquers

Oh there are so many of our clan still missing! Recent comments mentioned only a few...

Jerry Dorley, Lee Neibert,
Jeff Weiner, Lynn Bayes,
Joanne Barnes and Doran Myers
are all in this shot from Crucible!

And I belive Alex Conaway
was mentioned. Here he is,
with me in Apple Tree.
For those of you not there for this
Show, we were Adam and Eve
(no laughing!)

But what about Russ Reed,
who also was also in Apple
Tree, as the Snake.

And where is Bill (or Bil) Leipold?
Here we are in Oliver...

And what about Victoria Farrell,
here with Bill, in our Dorm

And Ray Cromer, our Fagin, in Oliver!

And where is Edward Hanlin?!
Here we are heading to our first Masquers banquet...

And Diane Hamelin! Lounging,
here with others in our dorm.

I am sure there are many others that I am missing but my number of pictures is some what pathetic for four years of my life! Since I joined the blog I think of all of you frequently, and I miss you. I hope we see many more joining soon. (Maybe we need someone to do another announcement in the Alumni Magazine!)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Monday

I am posting  this on Sunday, but I know that you all wait until you are at 'work' to check the blog anyway.  Here's our own Billy-Bob.  Bil, are you out there somewhere? Dr. Bob got a new computer and hasn't been able to find the blog address, but if he isn't too busy intimidating underclassmen, maybe he'll have time to post now.

Chris on our floor at North Earl Street. It is one my my favorite pictures of her--along with the hours of video footage of her saying 'Do you haaaave to tape me?'. Look at the carpet, we clearly did not own a vacuum cleaner.

Then there's Scott's Halloween party.  Death does become him.  I wonder if he lost the blog address, too?  And where's Denise? Too involved with the Ladies Auxilliary Soap Drive to check in?

Monday, March 10, 2008

What, You Mean Behind The Rabbit?

Saturday night, David,Maizie and I went to Chris & Jeff's for the radio show (yes, Chris lives about 25 minutes away from us--how cool--of course we planned it that way, but don't let her know that).  Somehow, we got on a Scotland kick.  She reminded me of a poster of Scotland I had, that was the one piece of 'art' on our walls at the Bietsch house.  Why Scotland?  I don't really know.  But the castle was one used in Monty Python's The Holy Grail.  Last year, all the Lutz-Scott's went to Scotland.  Somewhere there is video footage of the little Lutz-Scott's banging together coconuts as they parade around the castle with their father.  Then there was Maizie and her white rabbit.  Yes, I know it's a cuddly toy, but all I can think is 'It's got HUUGE nasty teeth!'.

furniture and being grown up

Lisa's comment to my post got me thinking.
she wrote:
The most grown up I ever felt was when David & I bought our couch, never mind the buying a house or having a kid. Somehow not having a couch we picked up off the curb or handed down from a dead great aunt became equivalent to adulthood.

I feel that way too. Cheryl and I bought a couch about three years ago. And it's so odd because we already owned a house. But that was the first piece of furniture that made me feel grown up.
It wasn't mine from when I was a little girl or handed down from my grandmother or bought second hand. We went to the furniture store and picked it out and picked out the rose print and ordered it. That was so weird and I felt too young and insecure to be buying a couch.

So my question is this: What was your first piece of grown up furniture?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Capitol Affair

Our DC trip in 3-D!
Ok, not really but at least with sound and motion.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Hi everyone!!!

I really can't express how overwhelmed I am to find to this site and to reconnect with you all.
Many thanks to Bing for sending me the link!! Evidently it was in the alumni magazine but I didn't see it... usually I read it and look for news of all of you (and am disappointed) but this is so exciting. It's a window to part of my life I thought I had lost forever. I regret not keeping in touch with anyone.

Anyway, I am Leslie, was at Ship from 88-92, and might have been better known as Bing's Girlfriend. I was actually introduced that way at least once. Since I've graduated I actually moved CLOSER to Ship, I live in Chambersburg now. We have owned a house here since 99. I have a boring, stressful office job, a beautiful girlfriend, and two wonderful cats. I am very active in my church. I am also very ready for Spring. I hate winter, and can't wait to work in my flower beds.
I still love to read and am a Harry Potter fanatic. I wish I had stayed active in theater but I don't have time for it now, except as an audience member.

I love you all and I miss you. This still doesn't seem real to me. Are you really there? Also I don't feel very grown up yet.... can't believe it's been that long since college.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rhyme, no reason

It's long, I know... but I thought you might enjoy it. This was our first Christmas letter. Sheri, my wife had it rolling in her head so she wrote it down and we sent it out. I look forward to posting more in the future! ‘Twas the week before Christmas
when all through the house
all the Groff’s were quite stressed out
and starting to grouse

Our stockings were hung
on the railing with care
and we prayed that a tree
soon would be there (What, no tree
with a week to go!)

We sat to reflect
on a year filled with strife
and count our good blessings
as husband and wife

We were blessed with good news
at the end of ‘06
a baby was coming
and starting to kick

By week sixteen
the doctors soon found
an incompetent cervix
left me lying around

After a few weeks of bed rest
with a toddler in toe,
we got the crazy news,
“To the hospital I go”

I was ten days in there,
for the cervix was thinning
and the doctors were sure
that the baby was coming (At the end of week 27!)

After ten weeks of bed rest,
the green light was given
to do what I wanted,
Thank goodness! Thank heaven!

On June 22nd,
two thousand seven,
Xavier Lucas was born
weighing 7 pounds, 7 (After all that he was full term at 38 weeks- and HEALTHY!)

Our family felt complete
we were starting to grow
until off of a chair
Isabella did go (July 17, 2007- Xavier was
3 weeks old)

A broken femur they said
and they cast her right up
from her ribs to her toes
Man, what crummy luck!

Six weeks in the spica cast,
Alan working from home
since Bella needed a new position
every two hours or so

Once out of the cast,
with a little P.T.
she started to walk
by about week three

Through all of this craziness
we still feel so blessed
to have baby Xavier
completing our nest

What a great baby
he turned out to be
smiling and giggling
unless he’s hungry

As for Bella she’s young (3 ys.)
and is doing quite well
she bounced back so nicely
you really can’t tell

She’s running and jumping
hopping up and down…
she’s skipping and spinning
nothing slowing her down

She loves her new brother
least that’s what she says
and he thinks she’s the best thing
since sliced bread

As Alan and I
reflect on the year
we know a, “new normal”
soon will be here

Things have been crazy,
ourselves put aside
we are both holding on
for the rest of this ride

Alan started P.T.
to deal with his stress
to relieve the sharp pains
in his back and his neck

As for me I turned 40
and really can’t whine
I’m hoping it’s better
than old 39

So to those of you out there
thinking we dropped out of sight
now you know why,
things just haven’t been right

We thank God for our blessings,
our family and friends
who pitched in and got us
on our feet once again

I shudder to think
what would have happened this year
without these good people
who covered our rears

Their kindness is something
that should be rewarded
We hope that someday
we can pay it forward

Our 2007
was a bit of a miss
but the blessings we have
made every minute worth it

To 2008
we look forward, my friends,
and hope our crazy luck
will come to an end

I will end with this wish,
and some hope from us all
for good health, happiness
and love most of all

From our family to yours
we wish you the best
May good fortune smile upon you
and may you be blessed

Love and Hugs,
Sheri, Alan, Isabella, and Xavier

(I told you it was long...)

More pictures to encourage posting

After seeing Kim's post I just had add a few more photos, enjoy.....
Bing & Alan at a halloween party
Remember the marshmallow man?

Galen's looking very handsome in that bra.

Obscured by time

This sudden rush of flashbacks is intoxicating.
In 1989 Doran made a film in which he cast Ray Cromer and me as two friends who make a suicide pact. But then they back out at the last second. Wish I remembered what it was called.
There was a semi-private screening in Dauphin Humanities Center, but beyond that ...
What the heck ever happened to that little gem of video? I haven't thought about it in forever, and I'd kinda like to see it again, especially because I can't remember who else was in it.
I remember shooting this one scene at the Myers homestead up Chambersburg way. Doran's old bedroom had been decorated entirely in ducks. It was so over the top! I also remember tasting my first glass of farm-fresh, raw, unhomogenized, unpasteurized milk that day. Organic farmers will tell you that's the way it oughta be. This stuff sticks in my mind so much because it was a rare glimpse into the inner sanctum of this mysterious hipster. And he didn't seem at all self-conscious about it, which made him ever cooler.
Oh wow! I also recall listening to Patsy Cline riding in Catherine's car on the way there. Or was it the way back? There was something about the melancholy in Patsy's voice and the early spring dusk on Route 11.
Little did I know I would end up living in Patsy's hometown of Winchester, Va. in the mid-90s.
Come to think of it, I was in Winchester the last time I talked to Doran. He sent me a bunch of L.A. music scene mags. "Strobe" the publication was called. He was also promoting the debut album of The Geraldine Fibbers, this female alternative rock band that had a fiddler. His timing was good because I had just created a new music show at Froggy 99, which was leaning away from top 40 and toward alternative rock.
Speaking of movies, although I haven't acted in anything in forever, I did make a memorable appearance as an extra in an indie film called "A Halfway House Christmas" in 2005. I'm in a bar scene sitting right next to the star of the picture, Robert Romanus, which you children of the '80s remember best as Damone from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," and I give this quizzical look as he puts a cigarette out in his beer. Film maker Eric Moyer was no dummy. He knew getting his film some local press would be a lock if he stroked the ego of the reporter. Bobcat Goldthwait did some narration in it as well. "Halfway House" still has a link at

Pictures to encorage posting

I have been scanning away since I found the blog, so that I would have the perfect picture to post when needed. Since Alan is now making comments, I figured I could encourage him to post with some older pictures :-)

Alan lounging in our dorm room.

Alan showing off an injury (or is he saying something else?)

Alan and the happy crew of Apple Tree.

I also felt bad that Bing had computer issues and couldn't post current pictures. So this one is for Bing, Alan and also Ellen who just started posting. Alan is center stage with a kid on his head, Bing is laying down on the far right and Ellen is just left of Center, along with many other happy Masquers!

The Oliver Cast.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Today, Fed Chairman Ben Bernacki announced a mysterious dip in job productivity. The financial industry is at a loss to explain what could be causing such a high rate of worker distraction. Clearly, Ben was not a Masquer, otherwise he'd have been on the blog reading and commenting all day, too. Do you people not have supervisors who watch what you are doing? You can't all work from home. And who is feeding Lara & John's kids if they are BOTH blogging?
I am really tickled at the Blog explosion the past few days. It's like I have a hobby or something. Next week I think I will take over the world. I love that eventually the guilt builds up and the Non-Posters (Slackers) get typing. It worked on Ellen. Alan, glad you're making the scene (stole that line from Chris). Email me and I'll hook you on officially so you can post all the other pics you've got up on your shelves.

If you haven't discovered this yet, you can set up your profile to have any comments posted to the blog emailed to you.

Here is Trixie Junior's first Brain Sprout--
yes she is drooling, just like her Mommy.

Kriner Diner Memories

What gourmet food do you think we were eating during this trip to Kriner Diner?

(Notice that we didn't all have "big hair", some of us just had "bad hair" , especially me:)

And One More Thing...

When I was uploading the DC pics, there were a few leftover Christmas pics on my camera. Here are 2 ornaments that Lisa made for me in college that I still put on my tree every year & are so special to me:

Also, here's a pic of my cat, Daisy, with her favorite Christmas gift.

Masquers Take DC

And yet a few more pics of our girlie weekend in Washington...

Here's Christine with her Librarian doll... with real shushing action!

Here's everyone happy in line at the National Gallery of Art cafe, except for Constance who needs her coffee now!

Maybe that's why they gave her the tiny cup?
We had a delightful weekend. It was like going back in time. One of us got lost on the Metro. One of us touched a sculpture. One of us blogged from the hotel at midnight. So you might be thinking, did Catherine do anything interesting? The answer is yes. I never paid for those damn bagels!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Domesticated Masquer of Oz

At last I've braved the depths of my technical ineptitude, and here is my first post. (Please forgive the sloppiness!)

Here's the cliff notes of the last 18 years:
Moved to the Kansas City metro in 1990; Started working for KC's electricity monopoly in 1991; spent about 4 years in the now disbanded "Renegade Theater Company" in Lawrence KS, doing sketch comedy shows & original dramas, had a blast; then had a baby, and the acting came to a screeching halt. Tristan is now 12, and was a good trade for my acting hobby. Finally realized that husband #1 was a narcissistic control freak, and moved on to greener pastures in 1997. Met wonderful Jack, my friendly neighborhood pharmacist in 1999, and we got married in 2000. My job at KCPL evolved into a dream of event planning, internal employee communications, and even skit writing & production. Skits? In a stodgy utility? It was a good gig, but when Quinn was born in 2003, I fell out of love with my job. In 2004 I quit earning a paycheck, and now I work for the Mighty Quinn.

I have so enjoyed reading this blog, and seeing pictures of all these familiar faces. I'm stunned how gently you have all aged! I've thought of you all over the years, and it's so nice even to see your names again. Takes me back to the fun SU days....oh so long ago!

Jack, me, Tristan & Quinn at SeaWorld in January '08. This was their birthday trip; Tristan turning 12, Quinn turning 5.

Tristan with Sophie, our 105 lb. Rottie (lap dog). Quinn with his best friend Izzy, our chubby kitty.

More tales of of my domestic endeavors & adventures in Oz will hopefully follow....when the call of duty allows me to take a break!
Until later, your truly from the Kansas suburbs,

It's All a Blur

I had this strange dream that I was sitting around a table in a diner with a bunch of gals that I haven't seen together in a long time. Also some fragmented images about losing someone on the metro and working really hard to stay awake past midnight. I think we may have also worked out a plan for peace in the Middle East over dinner.
It was really cool and I hope I have that dream again soon.
Eric, Kim, Lynn, Bing - how GREAT! Write again soon and tell us more about your lives since Ship.