Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bil with one L (still) or stil

Here check out this link.


Kimberly said...

WOW - Assistant dean of the School of Criminal Justice - Good for him! And he looks the same as he did 20 years ago! I hope we hear from him soon

Bil said...

Hey All! This is a total blast from the past. I just changed jobs this past fall and I am now the Associate Dean of the Rutgers Business School in Newark and New Brunswick. I have been speaking on the college and university circuit for about 10 years now. In fact, last year my partner and I were awarded best diversity artist of the year. We just found out we were nominated for the same award this year...

I have been laughing and just walking down memory lane with all of the pics. I cannot believe it has been almost 20 years. You all look GREAT!!!! Where is everyone now?

I just heard from Gallen about a year ago and is doing great. I know that Jesse is somewhere in the NYC, lost track of him about a year ago. Just finished emailing with Victoria a few months ago. Vic is in Florida and home schooling her adorable children.

EllenInOz said...

Hi Bil!
Great to see you joining the fold!
I have some precious pics of you, if I can figure out how to work our scanner I'll get busy and post them soon.
And somewhere in a pile of dusty VHS tapes is one of you lip-syncing for my TV workshop project to Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". (That sounds like it could be blackmail material, does it not??)
I'm in Kansas, see my post from a couple weeks back.
Welcome and share pics when you can! Great to hear from you!
Ellen (Algier) Diggs

Kimberly said...

Yeah Bil!!! I am so excited to see you commenting. Please post soon so we can hear all about your exciting new job, being on the Speaker Circut and this Best Diversity Artist Award - it all sounds so exciting!!! And from the picture on the link, you look like you haven't aged a bit!

I too, have blackmail type pictures (haha). Actually it is a really cute one of you and me at Halloween. In this one, I was Cindi Lauper and you are dressed as a woman in a big floppy hat. I love this one. I will post, if your not opposed.

I am around Atlanta, GA so if you are ever speaking near by, I would love to hear from you.

Lynn S said...

Hi Bill! Glad to hear you are doing well and have joined the blog. I think I've got a photo from that same Halloween party Kim was talking about. I think you and Ray Cromer were both dressed as women. I'm living in a small town in Oklahoma, but if you are speaking in one of the larger cities in OK let me know!
Lynn (Snyder) Sutterfield

jesse said...

bil is right ... i'm still in nyc, in chelsea (or rather chelsea heights or north chelsea, as "they" say), just a block or two from penn station. i think that technically i'm a "garmento", as it were, as i'm actually in the clinton or the garment district. at any rate ....

talk about memories! i had such a good time with all of you and miss you all very much. but i have to say that, aside from the love of my life (yes, i mean that), i miss my artful dodger! my god girl! we didn't spend much time together, since you were a senior when i landed at ship, but i ALWAYS had such a ball with you.

i'll be back to read up on all of you, and maybe, just maybe, i'll drop a line on what i've been up to - which, honestly, isn't nearly as much as all y'all.

c ya!

EllenInOz said...

Con-sider yourself at 'ome.
Con-sider yourself one 'o the family.
We've taken 'a you so stroooooong
It's clear we're going to get along...