Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rhyme, no reason

It's long, I know... but I thought you might enjoy it. This was our first Christmas letter. Sheri, my wife had it rolling in her head so she wrote it down and we sent it out. I look forward to posting more in the future! ‘Twas the week before Christmas
when all through the house
all the Groff’s were quite stressed out
and starting to grouse

Our stockings were hung
on the railing with care
and we prayed that a tree
soon would be there (What, no tree
with a week to go!)

We sat to reflect
on a year filled with strife
and count our good blessings
as husband and wife

We were blessed with good news
at the end of ‘06
a baby was coming
and starting to kick

By week sixteen
the doctors soon found
an incompetent cervix
left me lying around

After a few weeks of bed rest
with a toddler in toe,
we got the crazy news,
“To the hospital I go”

I was ten days in there,
for the cervix was thinning
and the doctors were sure
that the baby was coming (At the end of week 27!)

After ten weeks of bed rest,
the green light was given
to do what I wanted,
Thank goodness! Thank heaven!

On June 22nd,
two thousand seven,
Xavier Lucas was born
weighing 7 pounds, 7 (After all that he was full term at 38 weeks- and HEALTHY!)

Our family felt complete
we were starting to grow
until off of a chair
Isabella did go (July 17, 2007- Xavier was
3 weeks old)

A broken femur they said
and they cast her right up
from her ribs to her toes
Man, what crummy luck!

Six weeks in the spica cast,
Alan working from home
since Bella needed a new position
every two hours or so

Once out of the cast,
with a little P.T.
she started to walk
by about week three

Through all of this craziness
we still feel so blessed
to have baby Xavier
completing our nest

What a great baby
he turned out to be
smiling and giggling
unless he’s hungry

As for Bella she’s young (3 ys.)
and is doing quite well
she bounced back so nicely
you really can’t tell

She’s running and jumping
hopping up and down…
she’s skipping and spinning
nothing slowing her down

She loves her new brother
least that’s what she says
and he thinks she’s the best thing
since sliced bread

As Alan and I
reflect on the year
we know a, “new normal”
soon will be here

Things have been crazy,
ourselves put aside
we are both holding on
for the rest of this ride

Alan started P.T.
to deal with his stress
to relieve the sharp pains
in his back and his neck

As for me I turned 40
and really can’t whine
I’m hoping it’s better
than old 39

So to those of you out there
thinking we dropped out of sight
now you know why,
things just haven’t been right

We thank God for our blessings,
our family and friends
who pitched in and got us
on our feet once again

I shudder to think
what would have happened this year
without these good people
who covered our rears

Their kindness is something
that should be rewarded
We hope that someday
we can pay it forward

Our 2007
was a bit of a miss
but the blessings we have
made every minute worth it

To 2008
we look forward, my friends,
and hope our crazy luck
will come to an end

I will end with this wish,
and some hope from us all
for good health, happiness
and love most of all

From our family to yours
we wish you the best
May good fortune smile upon you
and may you be blessed

Love and Hugs,
Sheri, Alan, Isabella, and Xavier

(I told you it was long...)


CatherineCZ said...

Alan, your children are BEAUTIFUL! Glad you all made it thru a rough year & hope 2008 is quite great.

Kimberly said...

Alan, Your family is beautiful! The kids are absolutely adorable and your wife is obviously very talented. I loved the poem. Hopefully 2008 will be a GREAT year for all of you. It is wonderful hearing from you.

Lynn S said...

Alan, congratulations on making it through a tough year. I'm sure '08 will be much better. You've got a great family & I loved your wife's X-mas letter. I look forward to hearing more about what you have been up to.

Lara said...

ok, they already said it, but your family is gorgeous. What a crazy year you've all survived. Yet you find time and enery to post! What do you do that you can work from home? I do, too, so I'm curious. I write... (not just blogs)

David & LisaBB said...

It's really too bad your family isn't cuter and that your wife spends so much time writing she doesn't have time to get pedicures every other day.
And I screamed out loud when I saw the pics--which was unfortuante since I seem to be the only Masquer who occasionally has to go somewhere besides the livingroom to work.

Alan said...

Lara, my employer has been very good to me - the general manager said "Family first, do what you need to do." so I took him up on it. My manager did not like it to much but I worked it out to use a remote connection to my work computer. Technology is great! I am a graphic and structural designer of displays and packaging.

and Lisa, I am at work - I'm just one of those artist freaks that no one understands, so I get away with a lot!

BING! said...

I'm still stunned at how quickly the kinky curls transferred from the top of Alan's head to Bella.
Of course, I shouldn't talk as I'm discovering gray hairs.
Sheri should see all these posts.

BING! said...

That cast looks like a medieval torture device, doesn't it?

chrom said...

What a crazy, epic deserved a poem that long.
Do you still have that cool sculpture you made of Diana coming out of the tree? I still think about that.

Leslie said...

Alan it's great to hear from you!
Your children are so cute.
I still think of you as having all that long curly hair.

Alan said...

Thank you, everyone, I think my kids are the most adorable in the world - but then I am a bit partial... and 2008 has been better already - I have found you!

Christine, that sculpture sold at the Philadelphia Artists for the Homeless auction several years ago… I liked that piece also.

Leslie, I still have the long curly hair (in fact I have not cut it for years) It is just pulled back and missing on top!