Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Long Lost Masquers

Oh there are so many of our clan still missing! Recent comments mentioned only a few...

Jerry Dorley, Lee Neibert,
Jeff Weiner, Lynn Bayes,
Joanne Barnes and Doran Myers
are all in this shot from Crucible!

And I belive Alex Conaway
was mentioned. Here he is,
with me in Apple Tree.
For those of you not there for this
Show, we were Adam and Eve
(no laughing!)

But what about Russ Reed,
who also was also in Apple
Tree, as the Snake.

And where is Bill (or Bil) Leipold?
Here we are in Oliver...

And what about Victoria Farrell,
here with Bill, in our Dorm

And Ray Cromer, our Fagin, in Oliver!

And where is Edward Hanlin?!
Here we are heading to our first Masquers banquet...

And Diane Hamelin! Lounging,
here with others in our dorm.

I am sure there are many others that I am missing but my number of pictures is some what pathetic for four years of my life! Since I joined the blog I think of all of you frequently, and I miss you. I hope we see many more joining soon. (Maybe we need someone to do another announcement in the Alumni Magazine!)


BING! said...

OMFG Kimberly! That photo of you and Bil automatically plays an audio clip in my brain of Doc cackling very loudly (he had only one volume - maximum) at the conclusion of "I Shall Scream." I can hear it in my head as if it weren't 20 years ago since it happened.
Jeff W. had those talking eyebrows LOL. He was great in "Crucible" too.
Here's a tidbit on Diane that I hope gets the ball rolling. Last I saw her was the summer of '93. I was still living in Shippensburg and working at 92.1 Gold (soon to become Star 92.1). Diane had hit a major bump in the road. She gave birth to a baby girl out of wedlock, and had moved in with her father in Sykesville, Md. Wish I could remember what her daughter's name was. That summer her dad threw this BIG party and I was invited. I remember missing a turn in Westminster and accidentally driving into Baltimore. If you do the math, Diane's daughter is - GULP - 15 or pretty close.

Kimberly said...

I remember Doc whispering to Bil and telling him what to do right before "I shall Scream" Bil did it and I definately did scream!!! But then I couldn't sing! Doc could not stop laughing.

I know about Diane and her baby (now 15/16 year old). She had the baby when we were both living in Harrisburg and I did get to see her right after she was born. I hope we get to see pictures of her now.

BING! said...

What a baby face Victoria has in that one photo!
And did Ed style his hair to look like yours on purpose? Ha ha
Y'know because I was in the other part of "The Apple Tree" I'm drawing a blank on the "Adam and Eve" section. I totally forgot Alex was in that show. There were a lot of hurt feelings going on in M.A. in that period.

Lynn S said...

Kim those are great pictures. Hey, does anyone remember Devin Sanders or has anyone heard from him? I think he mostly did backstage stuff, but I did find an photo of him, I think from Spoon River Anthology and one from a banquet when he got the "Foot in Mouth Award" I'll try to post those sometime soon.

BING! said...

I seem to remember Devin's name, but can't match a face with it. Post away, Lynn.

EllenInOz said...

Kim, you are a vision in red taffeta! Somewhere on this blog is a pic of me in bright blue taffeta. I guess taffeta was so incredibly hot circa 1988. We were so hip AND hot I guess!? At any rate, you looked cute as a button in tha pic of you & Ed.

spike said...

Wow, Ed, Diane, Kim, Victoria, Jeff, Lynne... these are names I have not heard in 17 years! Crucible was my first show... stage crew, nailing wood planks for two weeks straight.

I love these photos! I gotta dig some up to post.