Saturday, September 15, 2007

Waxy nostalgia

First things first.
The outside of the Bietsch house is tan.
And there is a garage in the back yard.

I remembered the red fire place.
I still have one of the pink flamingos.
Now it is one of Maizie's favorite toys.
I cleaned the wax and old booze off of it first.

I blocked out how big our hair was. Here is the proof that it was.
Also proof of Constance's little Monty Python demonstration. Check out the background here. Scott are you getting all tearuy eyed. I also remember Connie throwing spaghetti on the kitchen ceiling to see if it was done. It's probably still there.

Don't forget Catherine's other major talent. She could eat without having the food actually touch her lips. No smudgy lipstick for that one.

Michelle got it spot on. We had fun. And we still do. There will be pictures of that later.


Constance said...

Do you know what I'm doing in the picture with my hood over my head? I do. I am doing the "will the wind be so mighty as to lay looooowwww the mountains of the eeaaaarrrth?" skit from Monty Python.
And, once again, I can NOT be held responsible for the giant head o' hair, Catherine trained me.

CatherineCZ said...

Gee whiz, Constance. I feel so bad after looking at these pics, come on over & I'll let you borrow my flat iron. :-)

Scott Mc said...

I'm loving all these old pics. It's hard to believe we walked around like that... let alone, I lived in that house on Queen Street. How we all survived is amazing. Miss Constance, that is quite the head of hair, did you show the kids? I'm just glad I'm not alone in my fashion shame from back then.

Constance said...

I am proud, I say, PROUD of that giant head of hair. And terminally indebted to Catherine. There would be shame ONLY if we still looked liked that. And I love my flat iron now as much as I loved my curling iron then. But I still might go visit Catherine cuz she's way fly and lives on the West Coast!