Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today...

... more or less. Most of these pics, showing some of our favorite places, were dated 1987 on the back. Whew.

Test those aging memories of yours with some Masquers trivia. Hopefully the text will line up right with the photos. Here goes:

#1: Name the show that used the layout taped onto the floor in this photo of MA 110.

#2: Name the location of these lighting instruments and spell their name correctly.
#3: What is the correct name for the tool now known across the nation as "box cutters"?

#4: Name this mysterious man and guess his approximate age during our tenure at MA.

#5: How many times did you climb the ladder to hang and focus those #!@? ____s? (see question #2) Bonus points: Name this show.


Scott Mc said...

Yea... I love a good quiz Lara.

Okay, let's see..

1. I can't seem to open the pics to make them bigger, so without being able to get a closer look at this pic... I'm going to go with Tom Paine

2. They are called L-I-G-H-T-S and they are up in the attic (all that technical stuff just comes right back!)

3. Pimp Blades?

4. That is me after a night at the wall. No,no, that's our fearless Leader Doug Bietsh and his approximate age was 102 (i'll go with 37?)

5. Too many to count. I specifically remember climbing that ladder with the middle section completely extended and me straddling the top... up inbetween the fire curtain and the wall above the proscenium(i had to look that spelling up) arch untying a curtain.
oh, and the play is the Dining Room.

chrom said...

Scott,I'm so glad you care about your spelling on the blog. My how you've grown.
See, I have red boots on and I wasn't around for Tom Paine...I think I only owned that one pink sweater and those red boots-- oh, if only they matched.

Scott Mc said...

(hi chris) Well, if Tom Paine is ruled out, then I'd like to trade my answer to Amadeus. But I'm still sticking with Pimp Blade for #3. And as far as the red boots and pink sweater, Vera doesn't seem to think it's a problem.

David & LisaBB said...

#1-AMADEUS?! are you on crack. Look at all that tape on the floor. And why would Chris in her pink sweater and fabulous red boots be in MA 110. Clearly it is the Trojan Mudballs.

#2-If you look really closely, I think you can see the 472 places I felt compelled to grafitti my name up there.

#3-Let me tell you about the first 'real' electrician i worked with at Totempole Playhouse, and the odd look he gave me when I asked where the gel knife was. And by the by, most places just use scissors now, although the new wave of lighting instruments don't use gel at all, there lamps burn at different temperatures, changing the color of the light. oooooh aaaaaahhhh

#4 -Doug would give you such a pinch if he saw that. He HATED having pictures taken, he always said it was because he was wanted by the law.

#5-I usually felt compelled to focus lights in a skirt. I can't believe how stupid that was. Then there was the time that Ross tied my boots together between the rungs, while I was straddling (ooh naughty) the top---of the ladder.

Do I get credit for creativity on the quiz?

Lara said...

#1 is from Spoon River Anthology, which post-dates Scott, so that explains his confusion.

#2 - ha! I was putting this up in such a rush I didn't look closely. I was going for fresnels, but then John said, duh, those are floods.

#3 Lisa wins with "gel knives"

#4 I think that pic of Doug was taken at our freshman year banquet in Gettysburg, which would make it 1986 -- and I knew even then that Doug would slug me for taking it. So I was pretty happy about sneaking it in.

#5 I remember being at the top of the A frame during a strike, really late, and getting stuck. Total exhaustion, I was too shaky to move. Maybe we should publish a collection of these accounts and call it "Ladder Stories with Doug."

PS - John is desparately trying to get the blogger thing figured out so he can find a way to slam Scott.

Scott Mc said...

In truth, that only explains such a small part of my confusion. Thank-you Lara for not helping John with the blog, there's so much anger in his heart.. we don't need that kind of venom on here. Hi John.

BING! said...

Doug is pretty stylin' in those sideburns.
I'd bet working with all these yahoos kept him and Rabbit young.
Doug was a good father figure to us all.