Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Squirrel King makes his first post (about time)!

Okay, okay... I've been slacking, but I have been enjoying the posts immensely! It's great to see pics and hear what's going on with all of you. I don't have any of my old Masquers' pics scanned.. but will look into getting that done. I do have some various pics of Masquers' on vacation and will post those soon.

I thought I'd start off with a little bit about what's been going on with me. The quick rundown is that I'm still in Pittsburgh. I've been with my guy Stuart going on 10 years in March (I'm pretty amazed by that). He's a good man with a great sense of humor (please keep the wisecracks to yourself). He has a beautiful daughter Vera, who turned 7 this past spring and has Just start 2nd grade. (7? we've been dating 10 years?, yes the math is right.. it's a long story, but a happy one I can relate at another time). I've done my job of corrupting Vera, much to her dad's chagrin. Although he does enjoy when she turns it back on me!

Okay, the first pic is Stuart and Vera on the ferry ride over to the island of Vinalhaven, Maine in July. We spent a week there with Stuart's family and had a great time. Stuart took me Kayaking on the Ocean... I think he's trying to kill me.

The second picture was taken in June above the New River in West Virginia. This was taken the day after we did our 6 hour white water ride with another couple. I didn't fall out of the boat once, although I was pulled out, several times. Did i mention that Stuart was trying to kill me?

The last pic is also from June and it's Vera showing off how proud she is over the table her and I painted. Done of an original design by miss V herself.

I'm hoping to drag some of you out to Pittsburgh someday to meet these characters or on the next mass-Masquer's vacation, I'll drag them to you. Either way, you are all welcome for a Pittsburgh visit anytime you're in the area. We'll give you the royal treatment (Stuart's a great cook, and I've actually gotten quite good myself).

My best to all,


PS I've shown the various pics that have been posted on here to Stuart and Vera, they seem to find them quite comical. That pic of me dancing alone... what kind of spasm was that?


chrom said...

yuJeez, 10 years feels like 2-- will 25 eventually feel like 1? You may be Squirrel King-- but since Jeff and I started hand-feeding the squirrels in our back yard we are (top-secret) Squirrel Girl and Squirrel Guy-- So, Squirrel Hill, I guess is the equivalent of the planet Krypton?

Constance said...

Thanks SO much for the update! That table is off da hook!
(That means it's nice, Denise)
I've been at Muhlenberg for 10 years, too. And I agree, it doesn't feel like 10 years.

CatherineCZ said...

And my 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up. How old ARE we? So great to hear from you, Scott!

Scott Mc said...

Off da hook! Constance, you're so hip to the kids lingo. Thanks for the welcome guys!