Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Spy

Writing for two blogs is like having an affair. I had such fun getting the Maizie stuff up (that's Chinese Takout-click the link on the right if you just can't get enough bodily fluids and pudgy cheeks), that poor Masquers was neglected this week. But the week before, I didn't get anything up on Chinese Takeout, and my public got hostile. I never realized blogging could be so stressful.
Catherine had mentioned how interesting it is to delve deeply into the photos, for clues to our past lives.

Here we have a typical night at the Bietsch House, circa 1987. If we look closely, we see the white plastic bowl from the Doeller Genral, that we used for popcorn. Since we ate that for dinner every night, no big surprise. Chris has shaved her armpits--I admit I was a little surprised by that. Lots of lint and other foreign matter on the floor, no big surprise. The only time I remember vacuuming was at 4 am after a Halloween Party when Catherine's family was coming to visit.

Here we have a typical night at Ross, Scott & Glen's house on Queen Street,circa 1986. Right away we can surmise that Glen is wearing a thong. Ross is holding a potato, but then, it was his birthday. Most of the people in the shot were friends of Ross's. That's Amy Jos between Scott & Lynn Kleinfelter.

Here is another Viewer Challenge.
This shot of Eric Smith was taken at the Chez Bebey Miller right after we bought our house, circa 1997. The shirt he is holding is one that he wore in college. See if you can find ERic in either of these shirts in your photos, and post them. And if anyone knows where he is, see if you can convert him to the Blog Cult.

PS, if you are or know of any Masquer that wants to be added to the group so they can post their own embarrassing photos or stories, let me know.

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