Saturday, September 15, 2007

I found some pics, hee hee

My mom told me that she found some photos of mine when she was unpacking after moving. Schweet.

So, while I am figuring out how to download the photos that Lisa put in the photo montage, I thought I would post a few that she sent to me.

I found a few pics of Catherine that I am sure she would rather forget. But since I am her best friend, I just want her to know that I have blackmail material when she makes it big.

I think the first picture shows one of many of her talents. Has she shown you her impression of the hamburger helper hand singing "O sole o Mio?" It's a must see. She made me laugh then and still does. About the animal suits - a recent episode of CSI? No....a disaster of a play at Memorial Auditorium. Hmmm? What was your motivation when you played the Woolly Mammoth in "The Skin of Our Teeth?" The Mammoth and the Dinosaur were one of the best things about that play. But look at the sexy woman in the leather skirt!!! What a sultry look. We were all so jealous at how she made even sweat pants look HOT! I forgot about the bright red fireplace. What color is the outside of the house now?

Then I thought I'd throw in a picture of Galen, well....because it needs no explanation. And finally, we couldn' t leave out Doran. Why hasn't he posted? Remember when he came to Ship? He created quite a stir. And I'm sure that he is shaking things up in Tibet where he is assisting the Dalai Lama. I'm kidding ...or am I?

Seriously now...What I love about these photos is that it shows we knew how to have fun. We didn't take ourselves too seriously. When I think back, I think about the fun that we had and all of the laughing (and drinking) that we did. Trust me - most people's college photos are not this interesting.


CatherineCZ said...

Oh Miss Michelle, you better watch out. These are hilarious. My favorite thing is looking at the backgrounds of the pics & remembering where we lived & how we decorated.

Btw, I totally remember asking for that leather skirt for my birthday because Mrs. Huxtable had one on The Cosby Show.

BING! said...

Yeah, but Phylicia Rashad wasn't nearly as hot in her skirt! LOL

BING! said...

What the heck is that John Perini picture about?