Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Scott-Lutz Outpost

At long last I have broken through the technology barrier that has stopped me from digging out old photos! But first, here are a few recent ones of John, me, and the kids from our vacation along the Shenandoah this summer. Of course, others we know were out adding to their family with a jaunt in China at the same time, but at least our drive was shorter.

Both of our kids (as of today - breaking news!) are now in school. I guess I'm officially old, but that's ok. People have asked how I feel about Gretchen starting kindergarten. I'm happy for her, and hey -- I'm going to take occasional trips to the grocery store without any kids along! Whoooeeee!

I'll be back with images from your incriminating past(s)... Also some of John at Doune Castle in Scotland, where they filmed the Holy Grail. They gave him coconuts to play with. Really. I have video, too.

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Scott Mc said...

Hey Scott-Lutz family... you guys look great! The kids are so big. I notice John is bruise free, how 'bout giving him a punch for me!