Thursday, September 13, 2007


There are all sorts of things I could be doing when the baby is sleeping, but really who needs clean laundry? In between digging out old photos and scanning away, I've even found time to stalk people. Please give a big welcome to your old pal 'The Great Big Walking W', Galen Kreiser, and everyone's favorite Bodgilism, Bob Marzec. They've joined our little blog cult. Now let's see what you've got.


Michelle said...

Okay who's the blond?

I had completely forgotten about Billybob who made his first appearance, I think, at the Colombus day party.

By the way, I think Bil(L) with one "L" works at Rutgers University.

Anyway, Welcome to Galen and Bob. Now the peer pressure is under way. We have seen many a photo of Cris', Constance's and Lisa's families. And even some of Jon and Lara, Catherine, Joe Reeder, Scott and even myself. So now it is your turn. Show us what you've got. Well not literally, this is a rated PG site.

CatherineCZ said...

I don't know who she is, but I think she just sampled some of Lisa's "Spam Delight."

Constance said...

That first picture of Galen is going to give me nightmares.