Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dont' go tellin' your kids that Peer Pressure is no big thing

Okay so I gave into the pressure to post. I have been avoiding it because I don't have an interesting photos of family or children and I didn't get my masquer photos as part of the divorce. Just kidding. Well not really, but I should be able to acquire them soon and then look out.
So you might be asking yourself "why the goats?" Well, I was at the zoo recently and saw a bunch of goats in an unsupervised petting area. The parents standing next to me sent there 2 yr old son into the pen alone to pet the goats. Well, as he was whacking them on the butt, I had a horrible vision of the goat standing on it's back hooves and throwing a karate chop or two. I was thinking, "what parent would let their child pet the goats alone?" So, since Denise posted the pic of her daughter petting the goat, I'd thought I'd share. But...Denise, being the uber-suburbanite-mom that she is, she supervised her child with the goat.
I would like to add that I did attend the soiree in Connecticut to celebrate Lisa and David becoming parents. However, I am conspicously absent from the photos. Hmmm? Trying to forget that I was there? Too bad your stuck with me now, you sent me the link to this blog.
Oh and if anyone goes to Philadelphia again, call me. I live 30 minutes from Philly.


David & LisaBB said...

Our family motto is 'Livestock is Funny', LOVE the goat pictures. Love that you posted. Love you.

Denise Wilson said...

thank you Michelle for your very kind comments. But truthfully, I was in the pen with the kid because 1) Mark locked me there and 2) we were all scared for the goats with The Emmanator in there. and the suburban moms in my hood are doing pretty much anything other than watching their kids.

Constance said...

Ha ha. Kids! Getit? "Don't tell your kids"....and they're GOATs...Whhooo heeee hheeee....See when two goats are in love and committed to eachother, they might decide....
Oh. nevermind.