Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sharing IS Caring

Please don't make me have to make this face again. It hurts. If you don't have time to put up photos, just leave a comment. It's very easy. Even for those of you who may live in very rural Red states, or even in cities where you hear people say 'How bout dem Stillers'. At the end of every post (that's the thing you are reading right NOW, you will see a little word that says 'comment'. Just click on it. That's where you take the mouse (not the one the cat just threw up in front of you), push it down, and then, just like that, you type a nifty little message....or even a about a bowling score?


Constance said...

Pish on that 'you dont hafta post a photo.' put up some durn pics or I'll have to go all wanksta on you locs.

JScott said...

First attempt at commenting and I pick a clown photo.

From here, I hope to learn to post photos. After that, I'll settle for nothing less than Bill Gates' chair.

No really, Bill sits next door at work and his chair is real comfy.