Sunday, September 2, 2007

Motivated by my fear that the vernacular in Constance's 'hood has been heavily influenced lately by the mennonite mafia, i've set aside my attempt to ressurect jon perini from the masquer-dead, and resolved to learn to use the scanner to make Trixie sorry she reminded me I have 300 blackmail-worthy photographs. I've just been so busy turning my kid into a hippie, and playing 'pearl the landlord' over & over as an attempt at on-the-job training of a 2 year old. And still thinking of trading in the cat for livestock, as I am now a redstater Christian Mother. Regarding the previous krinerdiner coment, dinner that evening was meatloaf and peas. I recall this fact with clarity because dinner every evening was meatloaf and peas.


David & LisaBB said...

I can't believe it's time for little Emma's first Pagan Goat Sacrifice already. They really do grow up so fast!!!

chrom said...

Glad you're raising a proper hippie.