Saturday, October 6, 2007

You'll Never Know Just How Much This Means To Us

Today, a big box of birthday goodies arrived for Maizie from Aunt Lara & Uncle John. Gretchen sent her kitchen playset for Maizie to have...which she loves.

Liam even included a present for David. I can't say how much he loves it.

Maizie has a great time playing with the Beethoven playing cow that Gretchen's Barbie helped pick out. We can't get enough of battery operated singing toys, although this was the first to delve into the classical genre for toddlers.

Of course, it's no surprise that Maizie's favorite toy was the plastic zip lock bag that the kitchen utensils came in.

Thanks to all the Lutz-Scotts for such special gifts!!!


Constance said...

You do know that you still have to write a hand-written, preferably using calligraphy, thank you note. On homemade paper, delivered by currier (and ives, if he's available).
And don't think your mushy posting of all the great stuff you got and how much you love it, and the pictures of how happy that beautiful baby is, is going to make the rest of us send you anything except some Raffi CDs and a family-size pack of generic ziplock baggies!

bob said...

Clearly David and Lisa are off to a great start displaying exemplary parent behavior--giving PLASTIC BAGS to little children!
Maizie is just too cute. I have lots of plastic bags, but I use them for cleaning out the cat boxes. I can always send a box full of special litter surprises. :)

bob said...
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bob said...

oh, Lara (or anyone else who knows...), what's your email address?
(sorry, is this an inappropriate use of the blog??? i don't know blog rules.)

Lara said...

Just wait till Christmas.

Lara said...

PS - The barbie in the sparkly pink dress says hi.

bob said...

So why doesn't your blog automatically play 'Barney's Favorites' when it loads? David, you gotta get on that.

And hey, thanks for putting my link up! It's already changed, and the old link doesn't work anymore. It's just The rest has disappeared.

I have old Ship pics I can scan and send you put on the blog if you like. I have a great one of Lisa and Timmy and Jessie at the Wall. (Are we EVER going to find that place, btw????).