Wednesday, October 3, 2007

If Not Then, Now

I DO have a stack of pictures that belongs to Chris. And wait! There's a box of Lara's videos from Shippensburg shows in my basement. (Insert Evil Laughter Here), My nefarious plot to eradicate any incriminating images of myself is working.
So here's Lara and Maizie.

And here's Chris, Jeff & Maizie. And no, I did not have anything to do with the ill fated ending of Nora.

Besides, it's time to see some more recent photos. Like of Scott in a suit and tie, or Denise in a mini van.


chrom said...

I can't believe how tiny Maizie looks in that pic with Jeff and me. You've been feeding her a lot. I like how she waves and the fact that there is torn up paper around her.

Lara said...

No worries, Lisa. I'll see what pics I have of you to share. PS - I have an inventory of those old tapes and I will be checking to make sure that sections have not been erased.

Scott Mc said...

Me in a suit and tie??? Sorry, I've been at the job a year and the only time I wore a tie (no suit) was for the job interview. In fact, I work from home on fridays and you should see what I wear then!

Miazie looks so cute and happy! Are you photoshopping those smiles in?