Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So, Myth Busters are coming to Purdue this Sunday. Anyone want to come? I can get tickets.

Looking forward to your response,


p.s. you can get your pictures taken with them, and also help them blow things up.

(p.p.s. even though it's true that Myth Busters is coming to Purdue this Sunday, it's still Bob's desperate attempt to get people to come to Indiana....)


Michelle said...

Okay I'm confused, but that is nothing new. I thought Bob was in England. Now he is in Indiana? Or perhaps there are two Bobs, Hmm?

Anyway, I love the Mythbusters. But I have to go to Dallas this weekend to speak at a conference. Really, I'd rather meet the Mythbusters.

David & LisaBB said...

Here's a myth busted already--evidently a man with a doctorate in English CAN learn to Blog correctly!!
I'm so proud. They do grow up so fast.

CatherineCZ said...

I am confused too. Why is Bob blogging about Bob in the third person? Is Bob in England or Indiana? As Bob's your uncle, I'll kick Bob's arse if this myth isn't busted.

chrom said...

My parents are coming to Indiana this weekend-- but not to Purdue to Indiana STate University for a Penn State Game-- but maybe they can detour...

BING! said...

Sorry I joined the blog too late, Bob. Brian Jr. loves that show.