Monday, October 29, 2007

It Pays to Have Connections

Presenting Gretchen the fluffy-white-cat-with-pink-ears-and-a-collar-with-a-jewel-in-it, made to order by costume designer Lisa BB. Gretchen was not lacking for ideas or direction on this, so Lisa and/or Connie may have to offer her an internship in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lisa! Gretchen is thrilled. She called Lisa and left her a thank you message, closing the call by wishing Lisa a "happy barfball day." Now that's gratitude.


Scott Mc said...

Gretchen looks great, love that smile.

When exactly do we need to get our costume orders in for next year?

Constance said...

Well, Happy Barfball Day to all!
What did the skeleton say before dinner? Bone apetite.

PS chekc the updated
see a real live UNICORN!!

Lara said...

Back off, Scotty. Lisa is mine! (ps - I tried to get the picture when John tried on the cat hood, but he was too fast for me.)

GalenK said...

I've often wondered what John Scott would look like as a fuzzy white cat.

David & LisaBB said...

Who needs that tart Hello Kitty, when we've got Gretchen! She's so cute I'm going to barf ball right now.

ps scott, I would pay you for a photo of you in a fluffy white and pink cat costume.

Scott Mc said...

Barfball...hmmm... sounds like a good theme for next years Halloween party.

Lisa, make the costume and sent it my way... I'll put it on!