Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bob, Don't Make Me Drive Out There

Bob.....Bob, Bob, Bob. The whole POINT of the group blog is so that you can post your photos YOURSELF. You don't need to email them to me.

Oh wait, I mean, in order for me to post your pics, simply send me a check for $10 per photo, and you'll be all set.

And don't think that by deleting your previous improper use of the blog, you can get out of that 10 page paper.


bob said...

This is Bob's evil twin brother, Eddie. Unless you drive out here immediately, Bob will be transported to the phantom zone, where all former masquers (such as Galen K., the 'Walking-W') end up.

bob said...

Seriously, where in the 'leaving a comment' process can you upload a pic??? Am I blind? I see no such button, or similar enticement. (Warning, this message will be deleted after the set for Don't Drink the Water is struck.)

Lara said...

It's not in the Comment screen. Look at the top of the blog page and select Create a Blog. Sign in with your name and password. Choose the Masquers site. Creat blog. Celebrate your blogness.