Friday, October 5, 2007

Not much time

You caught me in the middle of prepping the house for sale. We are planning (at the moment!) on moving to Lancaster and downsizing a bit so Gwyn can spend more time with Joshua. This is at least the third plan, coming after plans to move to Santa Fe or Phoenixville.
So Josh turned three in August and is around 40" tall. My hope is that he likes basketball and gets to wear #95- since his height is on the 95th percentile for his age.
I'm teaching again after a stint in a non-profit, then as a stay-at-home-dad and holistic health counselor. (More on that later) Gwyn is a program director at an environmental non-profit but she's looking for something else in the Lancaster area.
Gotta go- more spackling, sanding and painting to do. I'll let you know where we land.

ps- no need to comment on the highlights in my hair. I've been getting those since before I knew you.


David & LisaBB said...

I thought I had the wrong blog for a moment, then I recognized those 'highlights'. I started using a nice Loreal product on mine. Great to see you and the family. I think Joshua is taller than me.

CatherineCZ said...

Oh my goodness, I think all that grain punch resulted in Masquers having the cutest children (and pets) ever.

Lara said...

Hey Galen - hello from me and MIA John. We're in all kinds of "where-should-we-live" angst, too. I think you guys will solve it before us! Maybe we should come live with you. Josh is adorable!