Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's up with me?

A couple of you have asked what is up with me. Well I am suprised you haven't seen it in the news.... maybe you have heard of a little national lottery thing called Power Ball.... yep you guessed it, I was a recent jackpot winner. Don't worry though I was smart and took the annuity payout over 20 years. So that's three dollars spread out over 20 years. I can't wait for that first monthly installment. I'm going to rub it in my boss' face as I staple my resignation letter to his desk! Not to worry, this sudden influx of cash will not change me, although I will have to hire someone to post on this blog.

By the way Scott, you asked for recent pictures, here's one I took in August in Atlanta:


chrom said...

Hey did you take the skyride to the top? It feels like you're on the moon.

Scott Mc said...

Oh Ross... you grown so Gray... Cold... and barely 3-dimensional. Recent pictures of you freak-master!
The lottery you say??? Let the Mooching begin... I'm buying a plane ticket right now. Stuart, Vera and I will be knocking on your door shortly and staying a looong time, or until the money's gone!