Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The halloween party has come and gone. We had some great costumes and I thought I'd share them with you all. Remember the theme was Plan Your Demise.

This is Joy, she is wearing the latest in roadside memorial fashions.

This is Holly, she's sad because she came in 3rd place in the Ice Skating Championships. She slit her wrists. very sad.

This is Stuart. He went hiking. He had a little run in with snakes and scorpions. Poor Stuart.

And this is Scott. He went dancing and got into a
little trouble when the disco ball fell from the sky. Scott will dance no more.

There were many more... gunshot victims, a chef killed by his employees, an IKEA employee killed in a horrible explosion... but I won't take up your time with the horror. If only we all had listened to the gypsy woman who warned us of our horrible doom. Alas, Madame Vera's prophecies fell on deaf ears.



CatherineCZ said...

These are FANTASTIC! I have my costumes planned for the next 5 years! I can't help but notice that poor Joy looks like she just left the bathroom - I'm sure a difficult feat with all those stuffed animals. I admire her moxie.

Scott Mc said...

They were some pretty cool costumes. I love seeing what people come up with. That Joy was a tuff cookie, with lots of Moxie!