Thursday, February 28, 2008

What Are You Implying?

It seems SOME of you think I have a problem. Some of you seem to think that I am a little too media obsessed, "I'm taking bets:how many cameras do you think Lisa is bringing? Will she bring a lap top so she can post real-time blogs of our DC adventure to the larger world?". I'm not naming any names, though.

We all have our own little idiosynchrocies. Chris has to stay up all night to write a paper the day before it's do (even 20 years after Ship). Lara's house is all packed and ready to move out-they just have to buy a new house first. Constance wore pajamas to my wedding. Catherine can eat without her lips touching the food. Michelle was VERY close to her hamster. I've always taken lots of pictures when we get together. Now, I just happen to be able to throw them all out on the blogosphere on a daily--ok, maybe hourly if I've got good stuff, basis.

Tomorrow, Chris, Constance, Lara, Catherine, Michell & I converge on Washington, DC. Denise, you are still our back up for bail money. We are programming our phones to speed dial you in case of emergency. Yes, I will take lots of photos. If there's room, I suppose I will bring the video camera. David will break my fingers if I try packing the laptop, but I'm sure there's a business center in the hotel.

If not, be sure you keep your eye on the national news channels, just in case.


Kimberly said...

Lisa, Some of us enjoy your picture taking / Blogging obsession (healthy or not)! I hope you all have fun in DC.

Lynn S said...

Me too. I'm loving all your pictures and this blog. I'm so jealous that so many of you live kinda close together and get to go on trips together. Have fun!!! can't wait to see the pictures