Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hello All

Wow, this is so cool, my first experience with blogging. Hi to everyone. Lynn Snyder Sutterfield here. I think there were a few Lynns in Masquers so let me remind you which one I am. I was Kimberly's roomie (how funny that she just joined the blog a day ago and I haven't talked to her or anyone else from Ship in years) Anyway, you might also remember that I dated Ed Hanlin most of the time I was at Ship. Oh yeah, and I was a techie with no desire to be on-stage, just back stage. When I locate my old photos I'll post them...I'm sure I've got some really good/embarassing one's somewhere.
OK, so here's the last almost 20yrs. in a nutshell. After Ship I went to grad school at Okla. State Univ. Ed & I split up. Finished grad school. Got married. Moved to Florida, then Nebraska, then back to Okla. Got divorced. Had another disfunctional relationship. Changed careers and for the last 5 years have been a licencsed alcohol & drug counsleor/case manger for a homeless shelter in the very small town of Pawnee, OK. I bought a house in the country last year and am enjoying being single:) All of my kids are the four legged kind...dogs, cat, and horse. And I am also "Aunt Lynn" to most of my friends' kids. I'll try to add some photos of me and my "kids". It's really great so see all of you and your families! You all still look so young! I'm looking forward to reading more about what you are all up to.


Kimberly said...

Lynn!!! Or should I say "Sydney"

I am so excited to see and here from you! It isn't your fault you lost touch. I lost touch with everyone when I moved to Tucson AZ (that's a long sad story and I didn't stay there - to dang hot!)

It is ironic that we found the site at the same time. It must have been because after reading the blog, I spent so much time thinking of you (or maybe it was the SU Alumni publication) :-)

Anyway, I am just thrilled. You haven't aged a day either. You look just the same as I remember. I wish you were closer, well maybe I will have to make another trip to OK some day!

chrom said...

Hey Lynn!
You have a beautiful horse! Do you ride- Oklahoma seems to suit you. Glad to catch up after so long.

Lynn S said...

Hi Chris,
yes I do ride my horse, but not very well sometimes:) I've had him for 2 yrs. and only rode twice before I got him, but I fell in love with riding.
Good to hear from you. Love the pictures of your yard with the autumn colors.

EllenInOz said...

Hi Lynn!

I see I'm not the only one whose life has led them to the midwest! I live in suburban Kansas City, which I think possibly makes me geographically the closest Masquer to you.
Great to see your pics!
Ellen Algier Diggs

Leslie said...


It's great to hear from you again!
Your animals are so cute!