Monday, February 25, 2008

Red Rover, Red Rover Let Kimberly Come Over

There I was.  Just typing away, getting Joe & Galen's info up, and I hear my email dinger  go off. I have mail from Kimberly Fitzpatrick.  I thought ' Why is one of the kids from our cast of Christmas Carol emailing me?'  Then I read (reading is hard) the Masquers part of the subject line--Kimberly Luckenbaugh Fitzpatrick saw the SHip alumni magazine blurb and will be signing on soon.  She spent the afternoon reading through  the whole blog-from this I surmise she either works at home (for IBM) or is some major head honcho who doesn't have to worry about the boss seeing what's on her computer all day.

Kimberly at an Earl Street party, where we did unspeakable things to a doll named Bob.

Hershey Park Happy, Kimberly

'Don't Drink the Water'  

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