Monday, February 25, 2008

Remote Blogging

Whee, my stalker emails worked--sort of.  Very happy to get Eric Son Of Jarrell on board! Still waiting for Ellen to stop slacking and get pictures of her boys up.  Joe Reeder didn't have time to post, but in my copiously free schedule, I thought I'd take the liberty to do it for him.

Tom & Steven Reeder

I think this is Tom, but who can tell under all the marker?  Joe, did you and Dina not read the 'Never Leave Child Unattended With Marker' warning on the back of the crayolas?
Galen is too busy trying to figure out where to get a refrigerator box big enough for his family to live in after they sell their house.  Which hasn't stopped him from worrying about all y'all's health and well being.  Check out the link to his website for for a Completely Healthy you!

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