Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

But Ellen Algiers Diggs is!!!
A great big bloggy welcome to Ellen! Now let's see what those boys of yours look like--oh, and you and your husband, too. You said you were new to the blogosphere, but I am sure you won't have any troubles posting, unlike most of the English Majors. (Chris, you don't count because you started in Journalism.)
Ellen in 'Don't Drink the Water'.

Ellen's Homecoming Debut

Ellen, Four Generations of Slimey Dogs (Yes, there is 1/2 a dead rat in jar of formaldehyde in that bag)

Ellen with Bob & Lori in front of the National Cathedral-before we were thrown out, or maybe after

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Son of J said...

I too saw LisaBB's happy announcement in the SU Mag. Congratulations!!

And boy do I have some pictures for everyone. I saw one of me from a Ross post. Wasn't I cute? And as for Scott Mc, "well....there it is." I'd Love to hear from everyone.