Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is GREAT! I am hooked already!

This is GREAT! I am hooked already! This will not be a good thing for my career, since I really did spend all of yesterday afternoon reading the entire Blog. It was so good to see all of you and your beautiful children, spouses, homes and pets. I realized while reading how much I miss the times at Ship and the Masquers!

I do have some great old pictures, but I will need to get the scanner hooked up for that. So for now, here is what is going on with me currently.

As Lisa stated, I work for IBM. How does a History Ed major get to IBM, you might ask? Completely by accident, I can assure you! But now I am in Management and once you are in the corporate world, it gets hard to leave. Lisa also surmised correctly, that I work from home and that is great, but it does lead to multi-tasking to an absurd degree. As I type this, I am on a conference call, have 10 work related Instant Message chats open, two emails half written, doing laundry and have dinner cooking. I have such an exciting life!

I am married. It has been almost 8 years. Here is a picture of me and my husband Mike, from a recent Cruise.

We don't have any children, just two dogs that we spoil like children. This is Mac and Angel and they are my Babies.
I do have a 20 year old step-daughter. My plan is to just skip the mother thing and go straight to being a Grandmother, which, with a 20 year old, could be relatively soon. Scary - isn't it?
We live in the suburbs of Atlanta GA, so if all y'all are ever down in these parts, look us up!


CatherineCZ said...

Kimberly!!! Welcome to the blog! I am so glad that you're doing well & I look forward to hearing many more adventures in your exciting life. :-)

David & LisaBB said...

Ok, do you have a fabulous plastic surgeon or have you been in a cryogenic sleep container for the past 20 years-because you don't look any older!

Kimberly said...

That's because I look like I am 12 in the pictures you posted, Lisa! Did you see those pictures?! I had no hair and I look like a baby! How did that happen? But actually I had the same thought of all of you - no one looks older to me. Is it because we are delusional?

Lynn S said...

Yeah Kimmy! It's great to see you again. Sorry for being a bad roomie and loosing tough with you. Lisa is right you do still look the same as 20yrs ago! I'm looking forward to hearing more about what you've been up to. I like your comment about skipping kids and going right to grandkids. Good idea!

EllenInOz said...

Hi Kim
Ellen (Algier) Diggs here.
Welcome! Great to hear how well you are doing!

BING! said...

Hooked is right. I spent way too much time reading this stuff at work this week.