Monday, February 18, 2008

It Can't Really Be 20+ Years

I swear I can remember quite a bit about our college and Masquers days like it was only fifteen years ago. It all goes by so so fast. The Masquers pictures I thought I had are not as easily accessible as I thought they were, so I will start with a quick summary of the last oh-too-many years. First I have a picture of me and my wife and our daughter taken about two years ago (we don't have near enough family pictures) and one of my wife and daughter together. I have been married for almost seven years and our daughter will be four in November. I have worked as an environmental and community planner for Montgomery County Planning Commission for the last sixteen years and am now Assistant Section Chief (not assistant to the Section Chief for all you The Office lovers) of Community Planning. I have been very active in Community Theater for the last ten years and that is where I met my wife (who is quite an actor herself if I do say). I will try and post some of those pictures. We are quite lucky to have five very good community theaters within 30 minutes to perform with. Plus I have been active on the Board of our "home" theater. As for Ship, I have not been back in a while, but ten of my closest frat buddies have gotten together each year in the Poconos for the last eighteen years. I currently live in Limerick, Pennsylvania just outside Philadelphia. I would love to catch-up with everyone in more detail and plan to keep an eye on this Blog. It amazes me how often over the years I have thought about each one you. Catch-up more soon.

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David & LisaBB said...

I'm all weepy eyed!!! Your family is beautiful, and you are just as cute as ever!