Saturday, May 2, 2009

So Many Things To See And Do, Good Times To Be Had

Chris would be writing this blog post herself, except she's  busy with the house she and Jeff just bought Thursday, and with the poison ivy they got from rolling around in their new backyard.

A few days ago she started contacting people about a reunion this summer.  Nothing specific,  just putting out feelers to see if anyone is interested.  It seems quite a few people are.  
Are you?

Hershey Park is the current favorite, despite the popularity of Dutch Wonderland (which Bob was disappointed to learn was still open, he was all excited about visiting an abandoned amusement park), and Euro Disney.

I think early August is a good time to try to get together.  Anyone have any thoughts?


Leslie said...

Yes Yes Yes let's do this!

BING! said...

August looks open for me except for Friday the 28th.

Artemis said...

Hi everyone!

This is so great to see all these beautiful familiar faces! This is Michelle Kinney (Flanagan now)...and I would love to see if we could meet any of you at Hershey. Thanks for this blog.