Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hello Masquers! 
Michelle Kinney (Flanagan now) just saying hello! Thank you to Lisa Bebey (aka super wonder mom) for creating such a great blog! Looking at several of the pictures/stories/families made me laugh and cry. You are all such hearts of gold and its so nice to know that many of you are well. I rarely get a chance to email, much less blog, but I was feeling sentimental (that 20 year after college thing) and was thrilled to find that Lisa had created this page with all your contributions. 
I am currently very happily married 13 years now with two wonderful boys ages 6 and 8. My husband Sean and I are still in New Jersey (yes, good lord, we actually stayed here). I went back to graduate school and received a teaching degree, and was teaching here in NJ for about 9 years (Yes, English and Drama!!! Is anyone surprised that I used Doc's enunciation techniques all the time in class? :)) Anyway, I will be returning to teaching in September......blah blah- I hope that you all doing great. It looks it. What a fresh breath of summer air you all are. Well, maybe not Mykel Barbella, but the rest of you, for sure. 
Be well. 


chrom said...
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CatherineCZ said...

Michelle! So nice to hear from you. :-)

Michelle said...

I am going to try and put a picture on, but I haven't figured out (with all my techno savvy capabilities :rolleyes: ) how to do that yet. I will see you at Hershey. I will be the harried looking woman with two boys and a sweaty husband. :)

chrom said...
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Scott Mc said...

Yea Michelle!!!

It's great to see you on here. I think of you from time to time and it always brings a smile to my face. Get crackin' on that pic, I want to see that smile again.

all my best!

Michelle said...

Thanks Scott and Catherine and Christine (whose comment was oddly deleted what's up with that?) Was that me who deleted it? Damn, I do NOT understand blogging. This is somewhat frustrating.

OK, how do you post a picture that is old like all the Masquers photos I have? Do I have to have a scanner? I don't have a scanner.

Hmm. Maybe if I start a new post then I can post the picture? Help. I am new to blog life.

I want to post pictures of my family, too, but have no clue to do that unless I start a new blog.

Really, does anyone care? LOL. This is so sad.
Blog rules 101. Michelle Flanagan. Totally MOMO.

Have fun at Hershey, everyone. We are at the Cape.

Scott Mc said...

Hey Michelle, don't panic, it takes some getting use to, but posting pics on here is fairly simple. You'll need your pics to be in digital format. For old pics, you'll definitely need to get them scanned. If you don't have a scanner, borrow a friends or you can have it done at Kinko's. If you have pics saved on a disc, your computer or a flash drive, I would start a new post and you can drag and drop the pics in there.

Let me know if you need any more help. Would love to see those old pics and your family pics!

BING! said...

Don't get too flustered, Michelle. You're not the only one out there struggling with the techno-beast. It just seems that way.