Friday, May 22, 2009

A few words from Doc

I emailed Doc last year.  This is the reply I got.  I may have posted it already, but all the TV shows are on summer reruns, too.  So there.

Dear Lisa:
So nice to hear from you. Yes, I'm still at Ship, the longest serving faculty member here. Ergo, I get to carry the Mace each commencement. When anyone asks me when I will retire, with one eloquent gesture I reveal my physical, mental and emotional age ,as I scratch my head with my extended middle finger. I'm still having too much fun. In my profession, if you retire, you're dead. Perhaps you are not aware, there are other groups of Masquers who hold reunions. Chief among these are the annual gatherings in Columbia, Maryland, celebrating Sheri Cohen's extended remission from Hodgekin's Lymphoma. I do attend these. As for creativity, look me up in YouTube. Search for william20326 and you'll find lots there. My most successful muisc video is "Maria Maria", over 15000 hits so far. Unhappily I have yet to exceed Chris Crawford's tearful plea on behalf of Britney Spears or a notable Mindanao Island's prison population's dancing en masse to Michael Jackson's "Thriller". But we'll see. And then of course you will find many other comments about me in a web site called "Ship Underground". Ah, the minutes will pass by like hours. Believe it or not, they have temporarily moved me back to my old Masquers office in the rear of MA. This summer, however,  I'm back in Dauphin, third floor this time. Doug Bietsch is collecting data as experienced by old timers like you over the twenty or so years since he himself started with the club. He concludes that we certainly had an influence over quite a number of people. Doug would like to hear from all of you.
Dr. Kingsley

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